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What our staff and students say about us?

What our staff and students say about us?

The Governing Body is extremely proud to serve our college, which is truly unique in its ability to deliver successful destinations for all of our students, with the most ‘incredible’ success stories from many who have found their lives totally transformed and their horizons expanded through selecting to study at Franklin; our belief is the same as our students who will gleefully shout “If you want to succeed – go to Franklin”. Governors are passionate in our commitment to robustly support all who study and work at Franklin and have an unwavering commitment to promote student engagement enthusiastically and to support our students in assisting to push the boundaries of knowledge, which we are confident serves to transform their lives whilst expanding their horizons, irrespective of whether they have selected to travel on the road to academic, scientific, technical or vocational studies. We all succeed together at Franklin.

Alex Baxter - Chair of the Corporation

Franklin College is a great place to be a student. The facilities that Franklin has available to students are brilliant. I really like working in the learning centre which has all the resources you could need and is an inspiring environment to do you coursework and homework. Franklin tutors really know their subjects, are supportive and available outside of classes when you need a little extra help. Franklin has a culture of students helping each other with student mentors in many departments, these students have a great understanding of the subject and have already completed their first year at the college. To have this extra help in an informal setting is great.

Kieran Lamb - Student

I came to Franklin College in 1998 to take my A Levels and enjoyed my experiences so much that I applied for a job after finishing university. I have now worked at Franklin for over 11 years and hope that I will be able to continue to develop my career here. Each year Franklin admits a wonderful cohort of young people with exciting aspirations of what they would like to achieve in the future. It is a pleasure to work in an inspiring and exciting environment. Franklin's staff are among some of the most dedicated and highly skilled I have worked with and are always available to support our young people and each other. I have always felt valued at Franklin, part of a team and able to continually improve my skills and develop professionally. I can recommend working at Franklin wholeheartedly.

Andrew Howden – Support Staff Member

Franklin Sixth Form College is a true community with hard working passionate students and dedicated professional staff.

Trevor Wray – Principal