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Student ABC Expectations


Franklin's vision is to give the best possible life chances to our community, and as part of our vision, we have our Attend, Behaviour and Commit (ABC) expectations.

Our ABC expectations reflect our core values and how we expect you to Attend (A), Behave (B) and Commit (C) during your time at Franklin.

Together we work hand in hand with our students to ensure excellent attendance and punctuality, which is key to your success, with those regularly attending classes finding themselves more motivated and focused on their studies.



A - Attendance 

Attendance is the foundation of your academic success, enriching your student experience and maximising your time at Franklin. All our students are expected to aim for 100% attendance, which equates to 190 days per year, allowing you to balance the remaining 175 days for personal obligations such as family, work and holidays.


B - Behave

We want to ensure everyone enjoys their time at Franklin and have set clear learning behaviour expectations aimed at supporting you to reach your full potential. We always expect positive behaviour from you including mutual respect for others at all times. 

C - Commit

As a student at Franklin, we expect you to commit to your studies, undertaking every opportunity possible to help you succeed. When you are committed to your studies, you can accomplish your aspirations and goals.



By working together, we can ensure you achieve your best possible life chances, and we hope you will take the ABC expectations with you upon completion of your studies and as you continue your journey to university or employment.

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Next steps

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