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Our Facilities

"The facilities at Franklin have been really beneficial for my learning, the college environment is really enjoyable"

Enjoy state-of-the-art learning and social spaces


At Franklin, you’ll experience state-of-the-art facilities and social spaces like no other, giving you plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in your learning and then chill out with friends.

We have a 360-immersive environment where you can literally ‘see your future’ and dedicated studio and theatre spaces for those wanting to perfect their next performance. Speaking of your latest performance, did you know we have a dedicated esports suite for avid gamers?

You’ll be able to get outdoors in our sports facilities. Or, if sport isn't your thing, get outdoors anyway for lunch al fresco in our Covered Courtyard. Your days at Franklin are sorted with an onsite shop and everything from handmade pizza to Costa coffee.

We’re proud of our college and can’t wait to welcome you.

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The Bridge

The Bridge is our brand-new, university-style learning space. It offers digital workspaces, meeting rooms, areas for flexible learning, and dedicated study spaces. As well as offering high spec desktop computers loaded with specialist software, we also actively encourage bring your own device (BYOD) with charge points and laptop desks. There's also an on-site coffee shop serving Starbucks!


360° Immersive Space

Take Sensory Experiences to the next level, with 360° learning. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow students to immerse themselves in a real-life experiences. From Franklin to a medical theatre, or a windfarm then on to Times Square and London's Financial District. Step into your dream future here at Franklin.

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Independent Study Spaces

Franklin boasts a variety of amazing independent study spaces. There’s rooms across campus equipped with high-end computers and laptop access, as well as incredible new spaces in our learning centre, The Bridge. This includes our dedicated quiet study space for when you really need to focus.


Mac Suites

Located in our Art and Media departments, our state-of-the-art Mac Suites come equipped with the latest iMacs and Adobe software allowing students to complete creative and digital projects to an industry standard. All our suites offer technical support from our experienced staff and Tech Team.

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Esports Suite

Our state-of-the-art Esports Suite is the go-to destination for keen gamers to take part in online tournaments. Complete with gaming setups that contain the latest and greatest graphics cards, RGB lighting, and ergonomic seating, students are happy spending hours learning about the ever-growing gaming industry.

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Photography & Recording Studios

Based in our Art, Media & Music departments, our photography and recording studios are kitted out with all the equipment students will need. In our Photography Studio, students have access to a wide variety of interchangeable backdrops, lighting options, plus a collection of resources and props. Our Recording Studios offer professional audio equipment and the latest software, including Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and Adobe Audition.


Drama Theatre & Blackbox Studio

Marvel in the latest performances and shows taking place in our Drama Theatre & Blackbox Studio. Both spaces offer fantastic resources, including industry standard lighting and audio equipment for students to rehearse for their next big performance.

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Sports Facilities

Whether you're participating in one of our top performing sports teams or simply want to enjoy a casual workout, our sports facilities are great areas for students to get their daily exercise. Stay active and healthy by making the most of our sports facilities in your independent time.


The Courtyard & Social Spaces

Whether it’s working in the sun or socialising with friends, our Covered Courtyard and Quad are great social spaces for students to hang out in the heart of the college. Throughout the year we host a variety of events and performances in each area which students are encouraged to get involved in.

The Buzz

The Buzz & Frankies

Offering everything from handmade pizza to tasty hot drinks, our eating and drinking areas have you covered. The Buzz provides a delectable selection of hot food and drinks, whilst Frankies comes complete with Costa Coffee and all the cake you can eat so students can enjoy their study breaks in comfort.

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Frank's, the café on the first floor of our brand-new learning centre, The Bridge, proudly serves Starbucks coffee. Whether it's hot or cold, you can enjoy a whole host of delicious drinks while you study. Plus some of your favourite Starbucks snacks.


Costa Coffee

Located in Frankies, we serve a variety of Costa Coffee drinks to students and staff alike. With plenty and cakes and snacks, it's no surprise it's a popular spot to study or socialise.


College Shop

Our College shop offers a wide array of treats and savoury snacks for students to enjoy during those all important study breaks.