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Learning Support

We promote equality of opportunity for the development of an individual’s potential, regardless of their differences and disability. The learning support team have the expertise, skills and experience to meet student’s individual needs to ensure barriers to learning are overcome.

Please contact Learning Support should you have any Special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) that affect your learning whilst at college. These may include:

  • Autism/Asperger’s syndrome
  • Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia
  • Hearing impairment
  • Mobility needs
  • Mental health
  • Medical conditions
  • Visual impairment

Find out more and access support by contacting our EHCP Coordinator

Supporting Students' Education Needs

At Franklin, we have experience in supporting students with a wide range of physical disabilities and learning difficulties. College staff receive specialist training in this area and we will do our best to meet individual needs.

All Franklin, students are eligible to receive extra support from the Learning Skills Team. Support can include anything, from help with one-off study problems to one-on-one support sessions and workshops in spelling and punctuation. Whatever your needs, we will support you through your studies to ensure that you achieve your full potential at Franklin.

You can tell us about your needs at any time – on your application form, at interview, and at enrolment or by contacting us directly.

All students are asked to complete a short initial assessment exercise when they enrol at Franklin which enables us to identify individuals likely to benefit from some extra support. Students can refer themselves to the Learning Support team at any time during their studies and, with the student’s consent, teachers also make referrals for support.

Students entering College with an EHCP will be invited to meet with us prior to commencing studies to plan appropriate support. In the case of students with an EHCP who have not made us aware of this prior to enrolment, arrangements will be made as soon as possible.

The Learning Support team will assist in preparing you for your next steps. Franklin has strong links with the support departments at many Universities, with the Supported Employment team and with a range of local employers, as well as with the YPSS.

Support can also be provided in developing independent living skills, through our own support or links with local agencies.

We also work closely with Social Services, CAMHS, Doorstep, the LA Transport Training team, the Sensory Impairment Team, the Community Paediatric team, the Hospital Orthoptic Department.

The progress of our SEN students is monitored in the same way as for those without SEN. All students are set realistic academic targets, and their progress towards those targets is regularly reviewed. In addition, those students with an EHCP will have identified specific Outcomes important to them, their progress towards which will be monitored via their Annual Review.

If you have any problems with the accessibility of our website, then please consult our Website Accessibility page.

Before you study at Franklin 

  • We can visit your school and talk to your teachers
  • We can welcome you at our open events, contact us if you would rather come at a time that suits you
  • We can produce a personalised transition plan that will help you find your way around our college and ensure you choose the right courses
  • Attendance at Taster Day, Frankfest, and Orientation Day that  will help you decide on your courses
  • We will meet you at your enrolment interview to ensure we’re aware of all your needs

Whilst you're studying at Franklin Sixth Form College

  • The Learning Support team is contactable through a number of different ways.
  • In-class/Out-of-class support – We can provide support for you in lessons, extra help out-of-class so you can develop your own study skills.
  • Access to assistive technology- many of our students use the ‘Read Write’ software as part of their learning. 
  • Exam Provision – We will work with you to find out what exam arrangements would benefit you, whether it’s a laptop or additional time.
  • Care Needs – We can put a personalised care plan in place for you, early notice is appreciated, so we can ensure staff have the relevant training.
  • Careers advice and guidance. We will support you with your next steps and discuss options. You can take part in work experience to support your aspirations. 
  • Pastoral support. We have outstanding wellbeing support to develop emotional resilience and positive wellbeing. 


Students will be helped to consider their next move forward. We can provide:

  • Accompanied careers interviews
  • Accompanied visits to Universities/other institutions
  • Contact with disability officers at future establishments
  • ‘Progression Statement’ which explains the level of support received, to help in planning for your future.
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Next steps

If you have any queries about courses, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Team. You can contact them on 01472 875004 or email for more.