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Centre for Professional Development

The Centre for Professional Development provides a range of different services to ensure students have all the information and support they need for their progression and skills development.

One of the most innovative & successful initiatives in the college sector.

James Kewin, Deputy Chief Executive, Sixth Form Colleges Association.


Centre for Professional Development

A prosperous future beyond Franklin is not built with grades alone. Good grades may be the keys that unlock exciting doors to your future, but they’re much more effective when accompanied by skills and behaviours that resonate with employers. Our nationally-recognised Centre for Professional Development (CfPD) provides services that ensure you have all the information, support and fantastic range of experiences you need to step confidently towards whichever route you choose.

Offering a whole host of opportunities to develop professional skills for a future after Franklin. Links with universities, apprenticeships and employers which significantly improve your employability and life chances. The team collaborate with local partners to offer a curriculum relevant to local, regional and national employment opportunities while aligned with local community priorities.

This unique approach to building strong links with employers and universities means that everything you learn and skills you develop during your time at Franklin is helpful to you and those you go on to work with or for.

You may pursue higher education (or an alternative route of further study). An apprenticeship or direct employment may be better suited to you. Whichever path you take, you’ll be fully prepared following advice and guidance from our friendly CfPD, level 6 qualified Careers Advisors. Through interactive talks, masterclasses and visits, our CfPD team will help you to see your future through the lens of future employers and educators.

What you'll gain: 

  • Strong links with employers and universities
  • Impartial careers advice and guidance
  • Outstanding enrichment opportunities
  • Exciting work experience opportunities
  • Real-world internships
  • Insightful mentorships (with support for mentors and students)
  • Working lunches, giving information about the workplace in various sectors
  • Employer visits and university guest speakers
  • Fantastic careers and progression events
  • Conferences

Careers Programme 23/24

Careers Policy

Provider Access Legislation 2023


For too long we have watched some of our brightest and most talented youngsters leave the area to go to university and employment, seldom to return. Local employers need to understand that their future workforce is already here; the pool of talent that they can tap into is much deeper and broader than they can imagine.

Peter Kennedy, Executive Principal & CEO, Franklin Sixth Form College


Frequently Asked Questions

Contact for more information and to arrange a chat.

To find out more information about work experience, local labour market information and more contact

You will be able to engage with a variety of different professionals in various sectors, find out more about the career opportunities that are available for you and you will understand the qualifications and skills you will need to succeed.

You will develop your employability skills that employers and universities are looking for, such as team working, time management, professionalism, communication, problem-solving plus many more.

You will get the opportunity to practice mock interviews with employers with real feedback, ready for when you have a real interview.

You will find out the vast opportunities that are available locally and nationally.

You will have access to mentoring, work experience, working lunches, employability sessions and internships.

We have relationships with organisations across all sectors, including Health & Social Care, Business & logistics, STEM and Law.

Key partners include North East Lincs Council, Grimsby Hospital, Care Plus Group, Wilkin Chapman, Forrester Boyd, Greenergy, James Fisher Group, Engie, plus many more.