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Our Vision & Values

Envisioning a future full of potential

Our vision, values and strategic aims underpin everything we do at Franklin. 

A future in which all our students are personally and professionally successful shouldn’t be mutually exclusive from one that sees high community development and growth. 

Whether students go on to be successful in our local, Lincolnshire community or beyond, we aim to instil them with relevant skills for the workplace and a resilient mindset that overcomes the inevitable challenges that come with building a career.

We set high expectations of students at Franklin because we are passionate about the life-changing opportunities education a sixth form college offers. Our culture is one of respect in an inspiring, mature, inclusive, and friendly environment.

We recognise that all students have different needs, and this is why our teachers and Student Support teams are skilled in supporting our students to gain a range of skills and qualifications and grow as rounded young people ready for their next step. Our vision and values at Franklin Sixth Form College are a shared commitment across our entire staff team and we take great pride in providing the best life chances for young people.”


Franklin Vision

To provide the best possible life chances for our community. 

Franklin Values

Our College values are (ASPIRE):

  • A

    Franklin is a place for all staff and students to fulfil their academic potential and achieve success.

  • S

    We take great pride in supporting all students, staff and stakeholders in realising their potential and pursuing their ambitions.

  • P

    At Franklin, all staff and students work persistently to change lives through education positively.

  • I

    Franklin is a place which takes great pride in encouraging all students to be the very best they can be and enabling them to see the best in themselves.

  • R

    It is an integral part of our institution that all students and staff promote mutual respect and recognise others' individual strengths and differences.

  • E
    Even and consistent

    At Franklin, we strive to ensure that all are treated equally and receive equal opportunities.