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Aspire at Franklin

Supporting you during your journey at Franklin

Enhancing your personal and professional development


From the moment you walk through our campus doors, you’ll have the full support of a fantastic Progress Coach to help with your personal and professional development. They’ll do this as part of our Aspire Programme, which is a compulsory part of your Study Programme.

Compulsory, yes, but restrictive, no. 

You’ll attend group sessions and one-to-one sessions and carry out independent study and personal development, fully supported in your journey to becoming a well-rounded, highly employable young adult.

There’ll also be guest speakers – a range of fantastic inspirational people – from business organisations to further education, making learning about available routes into employment something to look forward to. 

Examples of what our Aspire Programme covers:

  • Progression

    Whether you hope to go on to further education or straight into employment or an apprenticeship, we’ll cover the next steps. You’ll work with your Progress Coach on a tailored progression plan that makes for a smooth transition. Your Progress Coach will also support you through the UCAS journey, assisting with application forms, interview techniques, etc.

  • Review of Study Programme

    Your Study Programme will be reviewed regularly within Aspire to ensure you’re on target in your curriculum subjects. You’ll also discuss ways to enhance your employability skills, with your Progress Coach suggesting suitable enrichment opportunities.

  • Employability skills

    Your employability prospects are improved if you can demonstrate skills like communication, teamwork and self-management. During Aspire your Progress Coach will assist you in developing wider career skills alongside helping with practical elements such as CV and personal statement writing and mock interviews.

  • Support with time management and study skills

    Your Progress Coach will work with you (and in line with the advice provided by curriculum staff) to work out the study methods that work best for you. For example, time management guidance can help to ensure that work is submitted by deadline. These are also valuable skills to transfer to the workplace.

  • Pastoral issues

    Important issues such as Safeguarding and Prevent; sexual harassment e-safety, and anti-bullying are covered in large group tutorials. Understanding safeguarding makes you mindful of how to keep yourself safe and who to speak to if you have concerns. Prevent, which is part of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy, makes students aware of how to reduce the threat of radicalisation; e-safety helps students to think about the consequences of the information they post online; and anti-bullying encourages students to treat each other with respect. At Franklin, we have a zero-tolerance approach to child-on-child abuse and sexual harassment.

  • Physical and mental health and wellbeing

    The Aspire programme covers the benefits of emotional resilience and self care with advice on how to lead a healthy life-style. We place a focus on the importance of mental health, including recognising anxiety and stress (particularly around exam times) and how to build mental resilience.

Our Progress Coaches don’t just deliver the Aspire Programme; they provide pastoral support too. They’re often the first person a student will go to with worries or problems. Alongside curriculum staff, our Progress Coaches monitor attendance and behaviour and make home contact with any concerns.