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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Franklin Vision           

“To provide the best possible life chances for young people. To support learning and to inspire success”

Franklin Mission        

Franklin College will provide an excellent learning experience, in an inclusive and supportive environment, which inspires students to achieve their potential. Innovative, outward looking and working in partnership, we will raise aspirations for young people and adults.

Our strategic objectives are to:

  • ensure that students achieve the best possible outcomes on all Study Programmes
  • ensure that each student is given the best opportunity to achieve their individual career aims and that a culture of high aspiration is embedded across the College
  • ensure that the College challenges students to broaden and deepen their experience to significantly improve their life chances
  • build the capacity of staff to enhance student success, progress and future life chances
  • make a unique contribution to partnership working – locally, regionally and internationally
  • ensure a successful and sustainable future through the effective management, marshalling and use of financial and human resources.

Franklin Values - ASPIRE:

  • A - ASPIRATIONAL: Franklin is a place for all staff and students to fulfil their academic potential and achieve success
  • S - SUPPORTIVE: We take great pride in supporting all students staff and stakeholders in realising their potential and pursuing their ambitions
  • P - PERSERVERE: At Franklin all students and staff work persistently to positively change lives through education
  • I - INCLUSIVE: Franklin is a place which takes great pride in encouraging all students to be the very best they can be and enabling them to see the best in themselves
  • R - RESPECT: It is an integral part of our institution that all students and staff promote mutual respect and recognise others' individual strengths and differences
  • E - EVEN & CONSISTENT: At Franklin we strive to ensure that all are treated equally and receive equal opportunities

High Expectations

  • set and expect high and achievable standards for both students and staff
  • be consistent in the standards we expect from students and from staff
  • supporting students to stretch their potential, to progress well and achieve
  • be good role models for students
  • develop an ethos of challenge, support and professional dialogue
  • be passionate and enthusiastic about teaching, learning and assessment and personalising professional practice to the needs of the learner


  • develop communication and understanding of each person’s role
  • invest in each person, acknowledge and respond to their health, wellbeing and professional development needs
  • provide a safe, respectful working environment for all staff and students

Franklin British Values

Our College connected by common values. Franklin is committed to instilling these values through college-life, we reflect and contextualise the fundamental British values of our society:

At Franklin we share our British Values around the college:



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