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23/24 Results Information

Key results dates for your diaries

23/24 Results Information for Students



November 2023 Exam Results


November 2023 results will be released via Student Portal on the following date:

Level 2

GCSE Mathematics & GCSE English Language


Thursday 11th January 2024        08:00am

If you have any concerns regarding your results, you may wish to request a post result service. Please refer to the 'Exam Result Next Stepspage or contact for further information. 



Ofqual / DfE statement about 2023 GCSE and A level results 

Grading has returned to pre-pandemic standards, and whilst there was protection built in, national results are lower this year than in 2022*. Results from 2023 can, most meaningfully, be compared with those from 2019. 


Further information 

In September 2021, Ofqual announced the return to pre-pandemic grading arrangements over a 2-year period. Ofqual wrote to schools and colleges and to governors and trustees to make them aware that it would be highly likely that individual school and college headline results would be lower this year than last year, and that the most meaningful comparisons for 2023 results are with those from 2019.