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Exams Information

If you are taking exams or completing non-exam assessments in the academic year 2023-2024, please find links below to important exam information that you must be aware of alongside the Examination Governing Body (JCQ) rules and regulations.

Please read these documents carefully in order to be fully prepared for the start of your exams and assessments.


Ofqual have also published a Student Checklist to help students prepare for their exams and assessments - Student Checklist - GOV.UK ( 


Please check your individual exam timetable on Student Portal to ensure that you are aware of the exam room that you need to be in and also to ensure that all your exams are listed. In case of any queries, please contact as soon as possible. 

We would advise you to check your timetable the day before your exam in case there have been any unavoidable last minute room changes.

Please note the exam times on your timetables do not take into account any extra time allowances.


You must be outside your exam room no later than 15 minutes before the start time.

You are required to leave your coat, bag and any belongings not required for your exam in the bag drop. Please make sure you have done this before 08:45am for morning exams and 1:15pm for afternoon exams. 

 In addition please ensure that you bring the following to every exam:

  •  BLACK pen x2 (you must write in black pen only)
  •  Student ID card
  •  Any other equipment required for the exam, e.g. ruler, pencil, rubber, calculator


You must not be in possession of:

  • a mobile phone
  • any type of watch - including analogue, digital or smartwatches
  • iPads, iPods, Fitbits, AirPods, earphones or ear buds, MP3 or MP4 players or similar devices 
  • Revision notes / blank paper or post it notes 

If you do not need it for your exam, please do not bring it to the exam room!


If there is an emergency and you are not going to arrive at college in time you must telephone Reception on 01472 875000 to inform them of the circumstances. As soon as you arrive at college please report to reception and request to speak to a member of the Exam Team.

Please be aware that if you arrive late for the exam the Exam Board have the discretion not to accept your exam script.

In the case of illness please telephone Reception on 01472 875000 as soon as possible to inform them you will be absent from your exam.



Summer 2024 Contingency Days

The awarding bodies collectively agree a contingency day each year which is always scheduled at the end of the GCSE and GCE A level exam timetables.

The contingency day is in the event of national or significant local disruption to exams in the United Kingdom, being part of the awarding bodies' standard contingency planning for exams.

Reviews following the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for additional resilience and a single contingency day was not felt to be sufficient if a national event or incident had a significant effect on the exam timetable.

For the June 2024 exams, the awarding bodies have therefore introduced two additional half-day contingency sessions. These are on Thursday 6 June 2024 and Thursday 13 June 2024. The standard contingency day remains at the end of the timetable and is scheduled for Wednesday 26 June 2024.

Please therefore consider these contingency days when making plans for Summer. All candidates are advised to remain available until Wednesday 26 June 2024 should examinations need to be rescheduled.