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Exam Results Next Steps

Exam Results Next Steps

Post Results Services - Autumn 2021 Series

(Updated 10/01/22)


If you are unhappy with your results, there are several post result services available to you. 

Clerical Check (Service 1)

A clerical check (service 1) of a marked paper makes sure:

  • All the pages were marked
  • All the marks were counted
  • The result matches the marks on the paper.

Review of Marking (Service 2)

A review of marking can be requested to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly, this does not mean the exam script is remarked.

If a review of marking is requested, the exam board will also carry out a clerical check alongside. 

Access to Scripts

Scripts can be requested for the following reasons

  • Scripts to support reviews of marking (priority)
  • Scripts to support teaching and learning (non-priority)

Candidate consent must be obtained before copies of scripts can be requested. Where scripts are requested to support teaching and learning Franklin College provides assurance that:

  • Script copies will be seen only by teachers who are members of staff at Franklin College or returned directly to candidates. 
  • Candidates who grant their permission have the right to ask Franklin College to anonymise their scripts before use. 
  • Script copies used by teachers at Franklin College will be kept securely within the centre. When no longer required, scripts will be disposed of confidentially. 
  • Candidates have the right to instruct Franklin College not to request their scripts. 

Candidate Consent

If Franklin College makes a request for a review of marking on a candidate's behalf, there are three possible outcomes: 

  • Your original mark is confirmed as correct, and there is no change to your grade
  • Your original mark is raised, so your final grade may be higher than the original grade you received
  • Your original mark is lowered, so your final grade may be lower than the original grade you received

As your grade may increase, decrease or stay the same, no application can be made to the exam board until candidate consent has been obtained. 

Consent can be provided either by signing a Franklin College post result service consent form or via email to Please note the email must come from your Franklin College account. 


Post Result Services (Autumn 21 Series) - Deadlines and Fees


For students wanting to request a priority access to script the deadline is Wednesday 24th March 2021.

The deadline for requesting all other post results services is Friday 9th April 2021.


The fees for requesting post results services are as follows. Please note the fees listed below are per exam script. 


Service AQA Pearson
Clerical Check £8.05 £11.30
Review of Marking £37.55 £40.40
Access to Script (Original) £6.80 No Charge
Access to Script (Photocopy) £8.65 No Charge
Access to Script (Post Review of Marking) £6.80 £12.50

Fees charged are the fees charged to Franklin College by the exam board. 

Fees must be paid to Franklin College before a post result request can be submitted to the exam board. If, following a post result service, your grade changes the post results fee will be refunded. 


How to request a Review of Results


Please email your request to along with the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Student ID
  • Exam Board 
  • Qualification Title
  • Exam Paper Title and Code
  • Grade achieved
  • Review of results service required 
  • Candidate consent and confirmation that you understand your grade may go down, go up or remain the same

Please note payment must be received before a review of results application will be made to the exam board. 


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