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Welcoming you as a student September 2024

Everything you need to know about starting as a student with us.

We're so excited to welcome you as a student to Franklin in September!

Not sure what to expect? Here is everything we've got upcoming over the next few months, to help you prepare for life at Franklin.

Applicant Interviews

We are no longer interviewing students for September 2024, if you haven't had an interview please follow any instructions we've asked and we will complete your interview at your enrolment appointment.

Please contact our Admissions Team if you would like any help or have any questions.


Preparing for Franklin

We understand that moving from school to college is a big thing, but at Franklin, we’re here for you every step of the way! 

You'll follow our step-by-step programme which will prepare you for starting at Franklin.


1. Y11 Taster Day - Monday 8th July

We hope you had a great day at your Taster Day. We can't wait to welcome you back, in the meantime here's some important information about your next steps.


2. Summer Bridging Work - Monday 8th July - 22nd August

All applicants should complete the Summer Bridging Work for each chosen subject. These tasks are great for a number of reasons. 1, they provide a great insight into your chosen courses; 2, they prepare you for the start of term and; 3, they show us at enrolment that you're committed and allow us to look at the work you've completed. You can access each of the tasks for the subjects you've chosen using the button on this page. 

This work can be completed either by hand in written format or digitally and brought in either, paper, printed out, or on your digital device.

You are welcome to come into Franklin over the summer from 12th-16th Aug, 10am - 3.30pm on any of these days to use The Bridge to complete your Bridging Work. Please be aware that we won't have any onsite catering or college transport during this time but there are shops locally. 

If you need any help accessing your work please contact us.

Bridging Work


3. Enrolment - 22nd to 28th August

Enrolment begins on GCSE results day. You’ll be invited to your enrolment appointment during the summer holidays. 

At your enrolment appointment we’ll work with you to make sure the programme you choose is perfect for you, we know how important it is to get this right, and we offer lots of support during this time. Your Study Programme supports your career aspirations for life after Franklin, so it’s important it’s achievable in line with the grades you receive. If you don’t achieve your predicted grades, don’t panic! We can work with you to offer an alternative programme to support your dream future. Don't forget to bring your completed Bridging Work along to your appointment.


4. Frank Fest - Monday 2nd September

Your college like starts on Monday 2nd September with Frank Fest is a great start to the academic year. It’s a friendly, fun and relaxed welcome to Franklin. Join us, and you’ll experience our street food market, live music, and lots of fun activities to get involved in. Plus, you’ll get to meet the whole family of staff and make new friends. There’ll also be opportunities to chill in quiet areas, and you’ll get to say hello to our therapy dogs. There really is something to suit everyone. This fun-filled day is part two of your transition to Franklin. 

What better way to introduce yourself to life at Franklin than a day in the sun with free food, music and activities?

During this day you'll receive your timetable for the start of term.


5. Orientation Day - Tuesday 3rd September

Your second day with us is Orientation Day. This day is all about introducing you to college life, your subjects, your timetable, support with tech, logins, key messages, meeting your teachers and ensuring you're all set for the term ahead. It's a great day to ask any questions and make sure everything is in order. You'll also sign up for your Personal and Professional Development (PPD) activities, we have so many for you to choose from! You'll receive your timetable for this week during Frank Fest where staff will be available to answer any questions you have. Transport on our College buses is free on this day and lunch is on us!

Don't forget to also bring your Bridging Work with you on this day too. This day counts towards your attendance and is mandatory.

As you prepare for life at Franklin, we know you’ll have lots of questions, so please don’t hesitate to ask, we're here to support you every step of the way. 

You might find the FAQs section useful too.


6. Wednesday 4th September

Your full college timetable starts from this day onwards. Please be aware that your first lesson on this day may not be at 9am, depending on where your subjects are timetabled. But we will explain everything you need to know during Orientation Day. You are still welcome to come in to college and complete your Independent Study. 

Don’t forget to follow us on social media (@FranklinGrimsby) where you can drop us a message any time. 

Key info

Use the links below to find out all about the transport and support we offer for students.