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Parent Guide

Parent Guide

In order for Franklin to do our best for our students we understand the value of working closely with parents/carers.

We like all parents/carers to be involved in the decision a young person takes to study at Franklin College and to be aware of what their son/daughter will be doing on a day-to-day basis while studying.  


Our Partnership with you 

As a college, we know that for student's to be successful there needs to be a close partnership between the College, the student and their support network. We aim to empower students to take control of their learning, but will keep you involved at all stages. Always feel free to get in touch with staff if you have any concerns after's good to talk!


Our Vision and Values

Franklin College will provide an excellent learning experience in an inclusive and supportive environment which inspires students to achieve their potential. Innovative, outward looking and working in partnership, we will raise aspirations for young people and adults.

To read more about the College's vision and values please click here


Keeping informed

Parents/carers are invited to attend Consultation Evenings throughout the year to meet with staff and talk about student's progress. Parents can also choose to receive regular updates by email relating to attendance. If we have concerns regarding a student's behaviour we will first address it directly with the student but if it continues or we deem it necessary, parents/carers will be informed.



All students will be allocated a Progress Coach who will act as a mentor to them throughout their time at college. Progress Coaches will deliver tutorial sessions either in groups or on a one to one basis on a range of topics throughout the year. Students will be supported in their career planning and to develop their employability skills. Progress Coaches are a great first point of contact for issues related to subject matter or not.


Additional Learning Support

Students at Franklin College have the opportunity to discuss their support needs at all stages of the application process. If you think additional support would be beneficial we encourage you to talk to any member of the admissions team. Screening tests can be undertaken upon enrolment to help explore needs and support requirements. We want students to be successful so we will support every learner to achieve their best.



We have a full time dedicated careers adviser at college who offers one to one guidance sessions to students who wish to explore their career options. Students will work with Progress Coaches also to apply for apprenticeships, university places and employment. Throughout the year we hold a large careers fair, invite universities in to offer advice and host lunchtime workshops with professionals from a wide range of careers to meet with students.

Frequently asked questions


Can my son/daughter try out the subjects they have chosen?

They will have been invited to attend Taster Days at their interview.  The dates for these have yet to be decided due to the current circumstances but we will inform all students once we have a date. All students who have been offered a place are advised to attend both of these days.  Taster Days give the students a chance to try out the subjects they have chosen to ensure they have made good choices.  The days also give the students a chance to experience life as a Franklin student. 


What are the different Levels of study?

You might hear your son or daughter speak about Level 3 study.  Level 3 is the natural progression for many students when they complete Year 11.  If students achieve predominantly Grade 4s or above, they will like look at a Level 3 study Programme which will comprise of A Levels or Level 3 BTECs/CTECs.  Some students may benefit from another year of Level 2 study if they don’t quite achieve the grades needed for a Level 3 Study Programme.  For these students we offer a 3 year Study Programme, whereby for the first year they will undertake a Level 2 package alongside their maths and English GCSE if they have not previously achieved a Grade 4 already and move onto Level 3 upon completion.


How many subjects will a student take?

Students undertaking a Level 3 Study Programme can take up to 3 courses (in a few exceptional cases, they may take an additional subject).  They may however choose one of the BTEC/CTEC courses that counts as a double option, reducing the amount of different courses they will study.  This will still equate to the same amount of study and UCAS Points.  Level 2 students will normally take one BTEC/CTEC option alongside their English and or Maths GCSE, with a view to moving onto a Level 3 course the year after.


Can my son/daughter change their mind at any time?

We know that making decisions about courses can be daunting and things can change, however we hope that they will have received a lot of guidance at their interview from our experienced interviewers and therefore will have a well-considered plan based on their predicted grades and career aspirations.  Should there be concerns about courses, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be able to offer more guidance or reassurance.  Taster Days are a good chance to test our choices and changes can be made at that time.


What is the difference between an A Level and a CTEC/BTEC qualification?

For many parents/carers their own time as a student may seem a while ago and changes in education happen all the time, so a quick recap might be useful:

  • A Level –these are studied over 2 years and will only constitute one of a student’s 3 options. A Levels are well established qualifications which are examined at the end of a 2 year study period.  A Levels may have elements of course work, but there will be considerably more examination.  A Levels can be taken alongside other A Levels or other Level 3 qualifications.
  • BTEC/CTEC – BTECs and CTECs are 2 year programmes that will include some work experience and be a little more practical in their nature. They will often apply learning to real life situations and have more assessments throughout the 2 year course.


Will attendance be monitored?

We know that good attendance is crucial for students to succeed and we seek to work with students and their parents/carers to maintain a good level of attendance.  All students will be made aware of reporting attendance and expectations when they enrol.  We will keep you in touch with attendance and with any concerns we may have.


What support is available to support students?

Every student will receive support and guidance from their academic tutors both in and out of the classroom.  Parents and Carers are also free to make contact with staff if they have a concern or query.  Every student is allocated a Progress Coach to support them with additional aspects of their Study Programme and in planning for their future.  A Progress Coach can support a student with their applications for university, an apprenticeship or employment alongside tips on supplementing their studies with additional activities and opportunities.  Students also have access to our Additional Learning Support Team to help with any specific study needs and access to our Careers Advisor for one to one interviews and guidance sessions.

If as a parent you have any questions, then please do get in touch with us by emailing:


Careers Advice:

There is a lot of information about the Careers Service on our website.  All parents/carers of new students receive an email about the career related activities that their son/daughter can take advantage of.  Parents/carers are welcome to join a one to one guidance interview with their son or daughter.  These can be made outside of the usual times if necessary.  Please email if you wish to make an appointment with Vincent, our Level 6 qualified Careers Guidance Officer. 

To find out more about our Careers Service please click here


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