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Franklin Student Raises £595 for Little Princess Trust

In our last noticeboard post, we mentioned how Sophie, one of our students at Franklin had made the selfless decision to donate an incredible 16 inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

We caught up with Sophie afterwards to learn a little bit more about how she arrived at making this choice, and how she’s feeling after losing 5 years’ worth of hair growth!

When did you decide you wanted to go through with donating your hair to charity?

I decided I wanted to donate my hair to charity when I was 12, and I have been growing my hair for 5 years to prepare for it!

What were your motivations behind donating your hair?

What motivated me was thinking that a child who has cancer at a young age may have a smile on their face, because they have healthy hair again and can look normal to other children who may not understand.

What made you choose the Little Princess Trust as your charity?

I chose the Little Princess Trust as all of the wigs that are made will go to children with cancer for free.

Through donations on the day and her Just Giving page, Sophie managed to raise a grand total of £595 to donate to the Little Princess trust in addition to her hair.

Not to be forgotten, Sophie is happy with her new haircut, 16 inches shorter!