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Enchanting & Unforgettable – The Little Mermaid Makes a Splash at Franklin

Our recent production of The Little Mermaid went down an absolute smash during its two evening run this month.

From start to finish, the production was undertaken as part of the Performance @Franklin enrichment, allowing students to pursue interests and passions and nurture their personal development.  

Every role was carefully auditioned for, with the right student selected for the part best suited to their talents.

Some performers rose to the occasion and stepped in at the eleventh hour to play roles. One cast member was so excited to be given his role that he actually fractured his arm during his celebration!

Other cast members doubled up roles, playing sailors, sea creatures, chefs, and more.

It wasn’t only acting roles which saw students get stuck in. Many of the dance routines – including fan favourite ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘She’s in Love’ – were choregraphed by Science, Film Studies, and Performing Arts student Izzy Bunten.

Another student supported Aimee, our Esports, IT, Media, and Performing Arts Technician, with lighting and sound, earning great insight and experience to support his dream career of becoming a stage technician.

What audiences thought

Audiences were enamoured with Tilly Kosakowska’s turn as Sebastian, praising the funny, playful, and energetic performance.

Ariel, played by Drama & Theatre Studies student Charlotte Broddle, was captivating. Her use of facial expression, gesture, and mannerism created a magical atmosphere. And that’s to say nothing of her outstanding vocal performance. She gave the audience everything they wanted from Ariel and more.

“The chefs in the Les Poisson’s scene were hilarious,” said one audience member. Another added: “Skuttle was one of my favourite characters. Izzy, who played the character, also played several other characters, and kept the audience in laughter… playing a hilarious princess and extravagant chef.”

Charlie Sutton, our Enrichment Office who helped lead with the costumes and set design, said: “Firstly, the whole team from the cast to costume design, props, and lighting, all did a fantastic job!

“Charlotte’s incredible vocals as Ariel expressed the character with passion and desire that just portrayed the character perfectly. Lucy’s take on Flounder showed such enthusiasm, and she gave flounder something he didn’t have… fantastic musical talent!

“Adam’s King Triton was represented with such emotion and his acting was just spectacular. He brought 100% to every rehearsal and it really paid off in the show.

“The interaction from Jay towards the audience as Flotsam, again was brilliant. He really involved the audience and connected them with the show.

“Tilly’s take on Sebastian was flawless and she nailed one of the hardest songs – ‘Under the Sea’! Not only does she have an amazing voice, but to perform this song with such clarity, is a talent in itself.

“Scuttle - played by the one and only Izzy, again performed the character with everything she had. Her ability to flip between characters and show such distinction between them was superb!

“Finally, the chef scene! Izzy, Teddy, and Femke… I don’t have words! Their chef scene was by far, my favourite scene. They just bounced off each other with such ease and really brought this scene to life. I literally cried with laughter on both nights during this scene, the level of effect and enthusiasm was just out of this world.”

Well done to all

We sold plenty of the special programmes we put together for the evening. They’re well worth holding on to as we’re sure plenty of the students will be making waves in their chosen fields in the years to come. That means you’ll be able to say you saw them before they were famous!

Check out the gallery below to see some of the highlights from both evenings.