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Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Teacher Training Placements    

Franklin College has a range of Initial Teacher Training placements available to highly motivated and enthusiastic graduates through the Schools Direct initiative for the academic year 2020-21.

There is one highly sought after placement at Franklin College available for each of the following subject areas:

  • Computer Science
  • Business Studies

The Schools Direct scheme is a well-respected collaboration between schools, colleges and higher education providers across the Humber region. The institutions work closely together to offer high quality placements and tuition which upon successful completion will lead to gaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) which is essential when applying for NQT positions.

How does Initial Teacher Training work at Franklin?

The first two weeks of this programme of study will be spent with the Higher Education provider looking at education theory and preparing you for your placement in college. You will then spend four days per week at Franklin College observing, teaching and being supported by your experienced mentor and one day with your Higher Education Provider. As part of your placement you will have full access to training sessions and college activities.

Your subject mentor will support and guide you throughout your time at Franklin College to ensure you have a valuable experience and have every opportunity to make exceptional progress towards becoming a teacher.

As the year progresses, your teaching hours per week will gradually increase from 4.5 hours to 9 hours in the first term then to 12 hours in the second term and 15 hours in the third and final term. Teaching hours will be constantly reviewed to ensure they are appropriate and manageable.

The first and third terms of the year will be spent at Franklin College and to provide a varied experience, term two will be at another Humber Training School.  You will also benefit from two one week placements at both a Primary School and a University to help gain experience of secondary transitions.

How can I apply for Schools Direct?

All applicants for one of the Franklin College placements must possess a second class undergraduate degree or higher alongside GCSE grades C or above in Maths or English.  All initial teacher training places are advertised through a single portal, operated by UCAS, please see their website for details. 

To find out more information please visit:

Can I get financial help?

Training is funded by a tuition fee paid by the trainee which is £9,250 for the academic year 2019-20. There are however, incentives available for a range of subjects up to £28,000 tax free. For more information please see the following link:

About Franklin College

Franklin College is a well-established and highly regarded sixth form college in Grimsby serving around 1,500 full time students from across northern Lincolnshire. Franklin’s students are offered a broad range of GCSEs, Level 2 & 3 BTECs/CTECs and A Level qualifications. Franklin College is the highest performing college in the area and consistently offers the highest quality teaching and learning, enrichment opportunities and progression support.

Making your application through UCAS

If you would like to apply for one of our teacher training places at Franklin College then please use the UCAS system. Our secondary teaching vacancies at Franklin College are advertised under the Humber Teaching School. If you have any problems with your application then please get in touch and we would be happy to offer our guidance. 

What is it like being a trainee at Franklin?

Laura, Alice and Georgina

Laura - History

I attended Franklin as a student and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I had always wanted to go into teaching, but it was the inspirational teaching of my former History teacher and her constant support in my academic and personal life which made we want to return to Franklin.  When I returned to Franklin I found the environment welcoming and familiar which made my transition into teaching much easier.

Anybody who is passionate about their subject should consider teaching as there is nothing more fulfilling than watching students’ passion for your subject grow and knowing that you are making a difference in their lives.

Whilst teacher training can often feel overwhelming and you experience a range of emotions, it provides you with an invaluable opportunity for personal growth.  Whilst you develop on your own journey, you also helps others in their own journeys through your teaching.

Georgina - English

Being an ex-student of the college I had experienced first-hand the high level quality support offered as a student and I still now receive this same support as an ITT from my mentor and the rest of the English department. Training at Franklin also means you get the best of both worlds because you gain sixth form experience as well as 6 weeks in a secondary school.

If you’re passionate about your subject, going into teaching allows you to broaden your own knowledge because students continually offer different perspectives and insights in all of your lessons.

Not all students are always going to want to learn or be in your lesson. But you can be the reason why a student loves the subject, so a lot of time is spent planning the best lessons you can.

Alice - English

Franklin has been a great place for me to develop as a teacher. I am an ex-student from Franklin and was inspired by my time here to become a teacher. My mentor has been really supportive and has encouraged me to become the best teacher I can be. I have also spent 6 weeks at Healing School which enables me to teach at secondary school as well. My experience with teacher training has allowed me to secure employment for September and has been a great experience!

For further details about Schools Direct at Franklin College contact Assistant Principal, Sue Wallis

Download our new course guide here!

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