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Race to the Finish

Race to the Finish

Our Integrated Focus this term is continuing to provide support and help for students preparing for end of year exams/assessments and completion of coursework through the "Race to the Finish" campaign.

We have developed two plans, one for those students completing end of year exams and one for vocational subjects. Teachers should choose the one appropriate for each course they are delivering, and adapt it to fit their particular context. 

Exam Version

Vocational Version

Costa Cards

The main feature this time round is to encourage students to attend support/revision sessions, we will be supplying students with reward cards to earn a free drink from Costa and stamps for departments to record any sessions students attend. These will include subject-specific sessions along with study skills sessions.

Costa Cards are being distributed to students via ASPIRE, they will have one reward card for all subjects and they need 10 stamps to earn a free Coffee. 

Stamps will distributed to departments tomorrow, or feel free to put a signature.