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Subject Tasters & Workshops

Subject Tasters & Workshops

New for this year Franklin will be hosting FREE subject tasters, workshops and mini sessions for young people across our area. These are an excellent way to try out different subjects that you might choose to study at college, meet our experienced staff and see just what life as a student at Franklin College is really like.

There is a huge choice of sessions to choose from and the great thing is you can try as many as you like! The possibilities at Franklin really are endless. So get in touch and book a session.

Upcoming Events - February 2018 onwards

Monday 26 February

GCSE Biology Revision

Students will have the opportunity to cover key revision topics including:
• Hormones & hormone cycles
• Evolution & Darwin
• Homeostasis
• Disease


Winston Churchill: Hero or Villain? Students will take part in an interactive session where they will compete with each other in teams to examine historical evidence in order to determine if Churchill truly was a great leader or a menace to British society.

Tuesday 27 February 

Creative Writing

This session will be based on characterisation. Students will build a character from a variety of different creative techniques. They will use the characters they have created to ultimately build up a plot and integrate their creations into the storyline.

Geography: Hazard profiling for volcanic events.

Students will investigate a recent volcanic event and then assess its impacts using various profiles e.g areal extent, predictability, frequency of eruption etc…From this they will devise a suitable management plan to mitigate the possible effects of the eruption and put forward recommendations for managing future hazard events.

Computer Science Masterclass

An introduction into Computer Science – learning how numbers provide the graphics on your screen, make music and make your computer work. Write your own Algorithms finding out the detail needed to program a Robot or a Driverless Car. Create a program using C# taking your first steps to becoming a programmer. Find out about the future opportunities of Computer Science in a growing Digital world.

GCSE Maths

Aiming for level 4 +


The session will be based around French media, students will read and then write a journalistic article.

Public Services: Do the police have too much power?

An investigation into police powers of arrest, detention and search. Students will investigate the various powers of the police and compare these to the rights of the individual and civil liberties. Students will analyse examples where police powers have been abused and produce a leaflet educating people on their own rights when confronting the police.

Wednesday 28 February

T –Shirt Challenge

Students will be provided with a plain T shirt and have to add value to it and seek to sell it at the highest price at the lowest cost and make the most profit. Students will need to create a brand, promote it to the target market and present the idea back.

Mini Debating Society

Franklin’s Big Debate: Should school uniform be banned? Students will take part in alive prize debate followed by a sessions on how debating works in Westminster in order to get Laws passed.

GCSE Chemistry Revision

Students will have the opportunity to cover key revision topics including:
• Quantitative chemistry (Moles & calculations)
• Structure & Bonding

GCSE Physics Revision

Students will have the opportunity to cover key revision topics including:
• Motors & generators
• Equations: Which should I use and when?

GCSE Biology Revision

Students will have the opportunity to cover key revision topics including:
• Hormones & hormone cycles
• Evolution & Darwin
• Homeostasis
• Disease

Crime and Offending Behaviour

Students will explore sociological, psychological and criminological explanations and studies of crime. They will look at how psychologists study crime scenes and what they indicate about the behaviour of the perpetrator and how this is used to identify the person responsible for the crime. This session will also involve looking at reasons for gender differences in crime patterns, such as why do men seem to commit more crime than women. In addition, students will look at criminological studies of how the media represents crime, such as in music videos.


• Introduction to art department
• Print workshop in art studios
• Photogram workshop in darkroom

Thursday 1 March

Ready Steady Cook: Health & Wellbeing

We invite you to the Health and Social Care / Child Care departments ‘Ready Steady Cook’ event where you will be able to prepare tasty treats and learn more about the importance of following health and safety policies, the nutritional components of food, and the impact of diet upon the body and with different client groups and further your understanding of what you can expect to study as an A-level student.

GCSE Maths Revision

Aiming for level 7 - 9

GCSE Computer Science Revision

A revision session offered by an OCR GCSE Computer Science examiner. This session will be tailored towards the needs of the students applying. If you are interested in this course please identify which areas you would like to cover and include this on the booking form.

Sport: Does being fit mean we are healthy?

Investigation into how health and fitness are linked to preventing certain diseases eg diabetes, obesity, heart disease etc…
Students will look at the causes of certain diseases and then test their own health and fitness using the following-
• Health-blood pressure, peak flow, % body fat, heart rate
• Fitness-various tests eg strength, flexibility, stamina
They will record their results and compare them to normative data. An action plan will then be devised to target their weaknesses and improve their fitness/health.

Mock Trial

Learn about the UK legal system and take part in a mock trial.

Booking your place

If you would like to attend one or more of our sessions then please complete our Taster Session Form and return to

If you have any questions or would like further information then please contact us via email and we will do our best to help. 

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