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FAQ's about my Fresh Start at Franklin

FAQ's about my Fresh Start at Franklin

FAQ's about my Fresh Start at Franklin

Classes, Lessons, Work and Timetables

  1. How long will my lessons be / am I in lessons all day like school?

Each subject has three 90 minute lessons

Two of the three are placed together to help us manage the college spaces safely. The third lesson will be an afternoon lesson of 90 minutes

‘double’ and ‘triple’ courses have two or three times as many classes, but all are timetabled to the same format

Your timetable will include sessions of independent study and opportunities to do non-class work so unlike school it will feel more ‘grown up’


  1. How much work am I expected to do outside of lessons? What is Independent Study?

The amount of work to be done outside class will vary a little through the year, but you should expect to be, as a full time student, doing a similar number of hours outside of class time as you  in timetabled classes.  

Work outside of the lessons will include 90 minutes per subject of independent study which you will place on your weekly timetable – this is work set to help you gain a deeper understanding of the subject, plus any completion/catch up you need to do, or developmental work set by teachers alongside your own research.


  1. What equipment do I need? How Can I prepare for the Course?

Basic stationary pens, pencils, paper and folder for starters. Each course may have additional equipment expectations such as calculators and text books.

The art based courses required cameras.

You will have been sent a guide to what you need and what to do to prepare in your ‘Studying@Franklin’ lessons.

If you can’t find this go to the Bridging Work Section of the Website or email the College.


  1. Can I use my laptop in lessons?

Yes if this is your usual way of working. If not please talk to your teacher.


  1. How big will my classes be?

The average class size is 17, but individual classes vary from small groups of around 8 to 10 in some Languages, to some larger groups of 22 or so in subjects like Psychology. We tend to split larger classes by the end of the induction period (the first 3 weeks or so) if they are above 24.


  1. How long is the college day?

Classes start at 9 am and will finish no later than 4.15pm

COVID Related – Return to Study 

  1. Will my classes be on site from September?

Yes we are operating a hybrid model of lessons, this is a mixture of lessons in-college and remotely with the support of teachers.

We are continually following Government guidance in relation to COVID-19 to operate in the safest way possible under Government guidance.


  1. Will it be safe on site?

Yes, we are ensuring our Risk Assessments are clear and followed. There will be increased cleaning and use of entry zones and clear signage to help you get around the buildings. The student code of conduct is being updated and full information will be provided when you enrol to help keep you safe.


  1. What about getting to and from College?

We will be running our usual bus services, details on the website. The College location is also served by a number of public transport routes.

You will need to wear face-coverings to use the transport and wherever possible keep distance (currently advised to be 1m+)


  1. Will there be hot food available at College?

A range of hot and cold food will be available onsite. We are updating our provision constantly to provide a service for our students.


  1. Will I be able to meet up with my friends at college? What social spaces will be open and available? Will we be in ‘bubbles’?

Our timetable has been set in order to reduce the total number of students on site at any one time, in accordance with current COVID restrictions. The notion of year group ‘bubbles’ and contact with others peers is monitored as we work to reduce the amount of contact with different blocks of students from First and Second year students each day. ‘Social spaces’ for break and lunch periods are managed and monitored safely and we ensure that large crowds do not form. We will continue to update guidance and respond quickly.


  1. How will we manage if we have to go into lockdown again?

The timetable has been carefully planned to allow us to move from on site to remote working patterns. We have learned a great deal from the lock down about working with students offsite and we are confident that if it becomes necessary to close the buildings again, we can continue your education effectively.


  1. Will placements / trips / work experience /enrichment go ahead?

Guidance is continually changing. We are currently working on the basis that much enrichment and wider activity can be done remotely and are working with our partner organisations to build safe and appropriate opportunities into College life as soon as we can.

As opportunities present themselves we will of course want to offer a wide range of enrichments, placement and trips. 


  1. How many subjects can I do?

Almost all students will do three subjects, if these are single choices for example three A levels. Some of our courses are ‘double’ and some ‘triple’ in size, so students will take 1 double course and another subject, or will take one ‘triple’ as their full study programme.


  1. What happens if I’ve change my mind about my courses when I come to enrol and want to change? Or if I want to change after a few lessons?

We are aware that things can change. This might be because your results are not exactly what was expected, or because of a change of plans for the future. Some students start on courses and realise that they are not what they expected.

At enrolment, you will be able to have a full discussion about choices. We are usually able to accommodate course changes because we have a much bigger curriculum choice than other local schools & colleges. It is important ot talk to us as quickly as you can if there are any changes you wsant to discuss.

During the first couple of weeks you can talk to your Progress Coach if you need to clarify options. It is more difficult to change the longer the term goes on and all bridging work must be completed if a change is agreed.   


  1. What happens if I don’t get the grades for the courses I want to do?

We understand that this year has been very different and we want to be as flexible as possible. We will work with you to get you on the best course. In some cases, if your studying@Franklin work is good, and you’ve just missed the entry thresholds by a little, we may let you start the course and see how you go or we may conduct some tests to see if we believe you can cope with the demands of the course.


  1. What happens if I haven’t done the bridging work/Can I resubmit the bridging work?

If you have been unable to complete the ‘Studying@’ lessons for your courses then there are further bridging work tasks available on the website. You must let us know if there is any reason for lack of work completion. You will be unable to enrol on a course if you have not completed bridging.


  1. Is there a dress code or a uniform?

There is no uniform and you can express your own style as long as it is appropriate.


  1. Why do I have to wear a lanyard?

We need to ensure we know who our students and staff are. This is a part of our safeguarding policy and is really important. It is also good practice as many employers also require identification to be displayed in this way.


  1. Will I be able to take a holiday during term time?

No. Holidays are not allowed during term time under any circumstances. The College will, in some cases, remove students from roll if holidays mean attendance is significantly affected. It is important to note that poor attendance seriously affects grades.


  1. What are the term dates?

These are on the college website.


  1. Is it possible to have a part time job whilst also a student at the College?

Yes, but you need to ensure the hours do not interfere with college time and that you can balance the work requirements for your job and your courses so all college work can be completed.


  1. Is there any financial help I can get for equipment, books and trips? Or for Free School Meals?

There is a range of financial support for students that are eligible to help with costs such as food, travel, trips and equipment. Applicants were posted this information in July.


  1. Is there free WiFi at college?

Yes, there is free WIFI. Access codes are provided at enrolment.


  1. Will college help find a university course and provide advice on a personal statement?

Progress coaches and Careers Staff will help and advise you and assist in writing your personal statement.


  1. If I am ill how will I catch up on missed work?

Subject tutors will be able to set catch-up work, independent study exercises and support you wherever possible. It is really important that you put effort into catching up any work missed through sickness absence.  


  1. Can I get a free bus and what bus routes are available? Is the College bus free/subsidised?

Yes, there is free travel if you are eligible and many different bus routes across the Lincolnshire area. If you are not eligible for a free pass, College buses are subsidised and charged at only £1 per journey.


  1. Who can I talk to if I have a problem or a concern?

The short answer is ‘any member of staff’ who you feel comfortable to talk to. 

For most students this is usually the Progress Coach. This person is the main point of contact in College and can liaise with subject areas and make any necessary referrals depending on the problem or concern.


  1. Can I get a locker to keep my folders and books?

At the moment, we are not issuing lockers. This is to help us keep the buildings safe and clean. We will review the situation and if locker use becomes possible we will let you know.


  1. Will I be able to use the LRC / will the LRC be open after college and in the holidays?

We will be operating a booking-in system in the LRC form now on.

If you want to be able to use the LRC outside of class time, for example for independent study periods, or for a period of time in the holidays or after the end of the College day, it will need to be planned in advance so that we can manage the numbers. Your Progress Coach will help you plan this.


  1. Will college help me out with creating a CV?

Yes, we offer advice on CV writing and interview skills through tutorials.


  1. I got extra time in exams at school - will I still get that?

Our Learning Support team will identify any support arrangements, including extra time with you. This may mean undertaking assessments to ensure we get the right support for your needs in place.


  1. What do I do if I don’t have internet access or a laptop/computer at home? (My school provided me with a laptop - will the college do the same?)

We asked all applicants to complete a home-working survey and are aware that there are likely to be some students in this position. We may be able to loan some equipment depending on our resource availability in the new term, so you should raise this with you Progress Coach in the first instance.

We are also planning to support remote and home work by running sessions at our outreach centres in Immingham, Caistor, Louth and Alford.

Download our new course guide here!


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