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FAQ about my Fresh Start at Franklin

FAQ about my Fresh Start at Franklin

FAQ about my Fresh Start at Franklin

How long will my lessons be at Franklin?

Each lesson is 1 hours and 35 minutes, but there will be study periods throughout the day. Not all lessons will be back to back like in school.

Is there a dress code or a uniform?

There is no uniform and you can express your own style as long as it is appropriate.

Why do I have to wear a lanyard?

Franklin needs to ensure we know who our students and staff are, and that we are safeguarded against people from outside the college entering the site.

What equipment do I need?

Basic stationery such as pens, pencils, paper and a folder. Each course may have additional equipment expectations, such as calculators and textbooks. Our art-based courses may require you to bring a camera.

How long will I get for lunch?

Lunch is 40 minutes, from 12.25-13.05pm.

How much can I get for free school meals?

You can receive up to £3.50 per day.

Is there any financial help I can get for equipment, books and trips?

There is a bursary for eligible students to assist with costs such as travel, meals, trips and equipment.

How many subjects can I take?

You can take 3 subjects if these are single choices, 1 double vocational course and another single-choice subject, or 1 triple course.

Is there free Wi-Fi at the college?

Yes, the college provides free Wi-Fi. We will supply you with a passcode.

Will the college help me find a university course and give advice on a personal statement?

Progress Coaches and our Careers Adviser will help and advise you. They will also assist you in writing your personal statement.

Will I be able to take a holiday during term time?

Holidays are not expected to be taken during term time; attendance is linked to achievement, so this is not advised.

If I am ill, how will I catch up on missed work?

Subject tutors can send work for you to complete at home if you are able.

What are the term dates?

This information can be found on the college website.

Where can I buy lunch, or do I need to bring in my own?

You can buy hot and cold food at the Buzz and Frankies. You may bring in a packed lunch, but not hot food from other outlets.

What can I do if I don’t have a lesson?

Visit our study areas, the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) or the Buzz to complete homework and independent study. Alternatively, there are a range of other areas in which you can socialise with friends.

Can I change my subject if I am unsure or unhappy?

If you are unsure about a subject, please talk to your Progress Coach as soon as possible.

How is Franklin College different to school?

Franklin offers a fresh start and we expect you to be a good self-manager. We are preparing you for your progression onto university or employment, so we expect you to be mature, independent and hard working.

How long is the college day?

The day begins at 9am and ends at 4.20pm.

Will I have much homework?

The expectation is that you will complete at least 3 hours of work per week outside the class for each subject.

Can I play sport?

Yes, there are a fantastic range of sporting opportunities, including our football, netball and rugby teams. Sport takes place on Wednesday afternoons.

Can I get a free bus and what bus routes are available?

Yes, there is free travel if you are eligible, and we provide many different bus routes across the Lincolnshire area. More information can be found here.

Is the LRC open after college and in the holidays?

Yes, the LRC and college will remain open outside of teaching hours and during holidays to allow you to study.

Can I get a locker to store my folders and books?

Yes, lockers are available for a £10 deposit per year.

Who can I talk to if I have a problem or a concern?

All students will have a Progress Coach, who is the main point of contact in college, can liaise with subject areas and make any necessary referrals depending on the problem or concern.

Is it possible to have a part-time job while studying at Franklin?

Yes, but ensure the hours do not interfere with college time and that you have a proper college/work balance, so that all your college work can be completed on time and to a high standard.

Will the college help me to create a CV?

Yes, we offer tutorials on CV writing and interview skills.

Can I get work experience through the college?

You can apply to the Franklin Professional Employability Programme to enhance your employability skills and prospects through work experience. Many vocational courses also offer workplace opportunities as part of your study.

Is there anywhere in college to buy stationery?

Yes, there is a college shop which sells any basic stationery you will need.

If I am struggling with subjects who will help?

Talk to any member of staff. We are helpful, approachable and supportive.

Which college trips are available?

We offer a range of enrichment opportunities, from trips to exciting destinations such as New York, London, Rome, Poland, London, York and Euro Disney to visits to places like Alton Towers, Harry Potter World, university open days and lots more.

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