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Career Ready

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Franklin College is affiliated with the Career Ready scheme, to give students the unique opportunity of embarking on an exciting two year programme, designed to give students studying A Levels that extra experience to help them on their chosen career path. 

The course runs alongside A Levels, it is advised that students are studying certain core subjects in order to apply for that specific academy (see below for more details). In order to be eligible for application, students will also need to be enrolled on a full time Level 3 programme of study.

Franklin College is a partner of the UK Career Ready programme, an exciting scheme which is designed to give students studying advanced level courses extra experience to help them in their future career and develop key employability skills.

The Academy is not a course in itself – it runs alongside other subjects as an enrichment programme focusing on raising achievement, aspirations and employability skills. You will need to be following certain core subjects in order to join and be enrolled on a full-time level 3 study programme.

What academies can I join?

  • Business – for students studying a business related subject which can include business studies, economics, finance and accounting.
  • Law – for those students wanting to pursue a career in the legal sector. Skills developed will be essential for those wanting to join this highly competitive industry.
  • Science and Engineering – responding to the need for good engineers and scientists. It will enhance your knowledge of STEM careers and give you an understanding of the rapidly developing renewable energy sector.
  • Health and Social Care – developed to produce young people with a wealth of experience and skills within the healthcare industry, giving you vital experience necessary when applying to universities.
  • Logistics – developed to showcase the diverse range of careers within the logistics industry with there being an estimated 27,000 jobs available locally by 2025.

We are constantly seeking new ways to improve and develop our academies as there is always the possibility of expansion and research into other fields.

What would I benefit from?

  • A four-six week internship at a local organisation where you will gain a vital understanding of the world of work, with the majority of placements paid.
  • An assigned mentor who will meet with you every six – eight weeks giving you support with understanding your career options, networking and help integrate you into the business community.
  • Master-classes from guest speakers allowing you to broaden your knowledge of careers available within the sector.
  • Seminars to develop your employability skills including confidence building, public speaking, interviewing techniques and teamwork.
  • Workplace visits to local and national organisations specific to your chosen academy.

All of the above areas are designed to assist you in the current competitive economic climate and to equip you with the best possible skills that will allow you to flourish in the workplace.

Career Ready graduates from the programme have secured places at some of the UK’s most renowned universities and those choosing not to go onto higher education have gained jobs with local businesses and entrepreneurs as a direct result of being on the Career Ready programme. 

Cameron Barber, Business Career Academy graduate 2015 said, “Being part of the Career Academy has changed my life dramatically and given me so much more confidence. The paid internship I did over the summer holiday and my relationship with my business mentor has enabled me to realise my true potential and decide upon my future career.”

Cameron was selected as national winner of the Sir Winfried Bischoff award for his outstanding dedication to the programme and also for the biggest transformation over the two year period. Cameron said; “It feels great to have won such a prestigious award and this will certainly help improve my employability skills.”

This is what Franklin student Chloe Handley had to say about career academy – STEM Academy student

Why did you join the Career Academy?

I had a general interest in the sciences and wanted to know about different career paths based on my subjects.

What do you like about it?

I enjoy visiting businesses (such as Phillips66) and Universities (such as Lincoln University) to gain insights into how many different options are available and finding new courses I hadn't thought about in the past.

How has it benefited you?

It has helped me decide that I want to study a more practical degree than what I originally wanted and in a completely different type of job.

Why would you recommend this to other students?

I would recommend it as it keeps me motivated towards a further goal when I don't understand content in my lessons as I know the work I put in now is getting me closer to my future goals and ambitions.

Full Time Course Guide 2020/21

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Full Time Course Guide 2020/21

Will there be someone to help me if I have a problem at college?

Yes. Individual and small group tutorials are an essential part of your College programme. During that time, you will be able to approach your Progress Coach with any problem

Franklin... Where the possibilities are endless

Franklin... Where the possibilities are endless

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