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Bridging Work

Bridging Work

Bridging Work

All students who have applied to start at Franklin in September 2021 will be asked to complete a piece of work for each of their chosen subjects to help prepare them for their next steps (please note that if you have completed all of the studying @Franklin lessons for your subjects you will have covered this work and so do not need to repeat it). 

More information on this in preparation for your start with us in 2021 will be provided to you well in advance.

This page provides a link to each of the pieces of work that you can click on and access the material.  

All bridging work must be completed before enrolment. Please remember to bring it on enrolment to demonstrate your commitment and it is your opportunity to impress us! If you find the work challenging, don’t worry, all we ask is that you give it your best effort.

If you have any problems in accessing the work for your subjects, then please call the Admissions Team on 01472 875000 or email and we will do everything we can to advise you.

Feel free to have a look at other pieces of work too, especially if your plans change.

Extended Project Qualification (Level 3/2)

Extended Project Qualification

Level 3 Courses (A Levels and Level 3 BTECs /CTECs)

Languages, Literature & Culture

A Level English Language

A Level English Literature

A Level French

A Level Spanish

IT & Computing

A Level Computer Science

Level 3 Cambridge Technical in IT (Introductory Diploma – Single)

Level 3 Cambridge Technical in IT (Diploma – Double)

Level 3 Cambridge Technical in IT (Extended Diploma – Triple)

Health, Social & Childcare

CTEC Health and Social Care Level 3 (Single Option)

CTEC Health and Social Care Level 3 (Double Option)

CTEC Health & Social Care Level 3 (Triple Option)

BTEC Children’s Play, Learning and Development Level 3 (Triple Option)

Science & Maths

A Level Biology

A Level Chemistry

A Level Physics

BTEC Applied Science Certificate (single), Extended Certificate (double) and Extended Diploma (triple)

Biomedical Science

CTEC Level 3 Engineering Extended Certificate (double) and Extended Diploma (triple)

A Level Mathematics

GCSE Maths

A Level Further Mathematics

Maths Algebra Booklet - Bridging Work

Social Sciences

WJEC Level Criminology

A Level Sociology

A Level Psychology

Applied Psychology


A level Ancient History

A level History

A Level Geography

A Level Government and Politics

A Level Law

Applied Law

Business, Finance, Travel & Economics

A Level Business

BTEC Business (Single Option)

BTEC Business (Double Option) 

BTEC Business (Triple Option)

The London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) Diploma in Financial Studies

A Level Economics

BTEC in Travel and Tourism

Art & Design

A Level Fine Art

A Level Graphic Design

A Level Textiles

A Level Photography

CTEC Level 3 Photography

Media & Film 

CTEC Media Production (Single Option)

CTEC Media Production (Double Option)

A Level Film Studies

Performing Arts

A Level Music

BTEC Level 3 Music

A Level Drama & Theatre Studies

BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts

Sport & Public Services

A Level Physical Education

BTEC Sport (Single Option)

BTEC Sport – Subsidiary Diploma (Double Option)

BTEC Sport - Extended Diploma (Triple Option)

BTEC Public Services (Single Option)

BTEC Public Services (Double Option)


Level 2 Courses (GCSEs and Level 2 BTECs/CTECs)

GCSE English

Business BTEC

Creative Media CTEC

Health & Social Care CTEC

Information Technology CTEC

Full Time Course Guide 2021/22

We Are More Than A Classroom
Full Time Course Guide 2021/22

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