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Years @Franklin: Our New Extended Provision

New for 2021 our extended provision!

Franklin Sixth Form College, the best provider in the region for student achievement with outstanding support for students, are pleased to announce an incredible offer for supporting students who may need a little extra time due to disrupted schooling because of COVID-19. 
We have made the decision to extend our provision by adding courses to our fantastic Level 2 programme. This is to support students who may need an extra year to ensure the best level 3 outcomes and so they can maximise their academic potential with us. We are therefore offering a diversified provision by offering 3 years of study at Franklin. The courses now on offer as part of our Level 2 programme include Travel & Tourism, Public Services, Business Studies, Creative Media, IT & Computing and Health & Social Care. You can find out more information about all of these courses below. 
We are also pleased to be providing students with the opportunity to retake GCSE English or Maths or both, alongside one of our fantastic Level 2 courses during their first year. We hope that by offering this new extended provision this will fully support students who want to progress to Higher Education, Higher level Apprenticeships or straight into Employment. Studying for three years at Franklin Sixth Form College will also support students to achieve the very best grades at the end of a 3 year programme. 

Level 2 BTEC Travel and Tourism

New for September 2021!
If you have a passion for travel, want to explore some of the weird and wonderful tourist destinations across the globe or want to pursue a career in the travel and tourism industry, then this is the course for you. 
This Level 2 BTEC course will give you the opportunity to plan your own trip to a tourist destination, investigate why people travel to different parts of the world, create marketing campaigns for travel brands and explore factors that impact on tourism. 

Level 2 BTEC Public Services

New for September 2021!
Do you want to investigate crime and its effect on society? Do you like to learn about different cultures and the world we live in? Do you have an adventurous side or an interest in health and fitness? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the course for you. 
This Level 2 BTEC course allows you to develop your knowledge and understanding of the public services and their roles, as well as well as exploring topics and themes such as law, crime, living a healthy lifestyle, fitness and employability skills. 

Level 2 BTEC Business

If you see yourself as a budding entrepreneur, think you have what it takes to impress Lord Sugar and become the next Apprentice, or have a business idea that would go down a storm on Dragons' Den, then Level 2 BTEC Business is the course for you. 
This Level 2 BTEC course will help you develop your knowledge of financial management and marketing, allow you to develop ideas for exciting new business ventures and explore how businesses operate online. 

Level 2 CTEC Media

Do you have a passion for filmmaking and want to be the next Steven Spielberg? Do you see yourself as a budding Youtuber or social media influencer? Do you want to capture every moment through photography? If you answered yes to any of the above, then Level 2 CTEC Media is the course for you. 
This Level 2 CTEC course will help you to develop your skills using a DSLR camera, become an editing expert and give you the opportunity to explore a range of media products, including photography, film, TV, radio and magazine.

Level 2 CTEC IT

Are you a computer whizz? Do you enjoy tinkering with the components of different devices or exploring new technology? Would you like to work for a leading IT firm? If so, then Level 2 CTEC IT is the course for you. 
IT is everywhere - on your phone, in your TV, social media and many places you wouldn't expect. In this Level 2 CTEC course you will explore a wide range of jobs that are available in the IT industry and develop the skills necessary to succeed. 

Level 2 CTEC Health and Social Care

Have you been inspired by the dedication and hard work of those in the Health and Social Care industry? Do you like to help others? Would you like to work with children or adults in a care setting? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the course for you.
This Level 2 CTEC course is an excellent way to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding required by professionals in health, social care and early years services. You will also learn how employees conduct themselves to benefit patients and service users.