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Updated Requirements Regarding Face Coverings

Following the announcements by the Chief Medical and Chief Scientific Officers yesterday related to covid-19 national infection rate and hospital admission rate increase, its clear that we need to be even more vigilant in terms of face coverings/distancing and hand washing measures in the College.

As with other schools and colleges, from today you must use face coverings inside the buildings at all times when you are moving around. It is especially important in corridors and I have asked that all staff remind anyone they see without a face covering at any time of this important rule. So please try to remember, every time you walk inside, use the shop, the bus – make it a routine you always follow.

The last thing any of us want is further restrictions, so all of us following the rules is our best chance of staying safe and staying open.  You might have seen that new rules are already coming in limiting pub and restaurant hours.

Our area’s infection rate is relatively low at the moment, we need to keep it that way as the autumn and winter approach by following the rules –


Peter Kennedy

Principal, Franklin College