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The Venn Group Teacher Training 6/01/2020

What is Venn?

The Venn Group is a federation of five sixth form colleges. The Venn Group are all specialist providers of sixth form education and the group was formed to draw on skills, resources, and to enable staff to share best practices within the group.

Who forms the Venn Group?

We are proud to be part of the Venn Group alongside John Leggott College, Scarborough Sixth Form, Wilberforce Sixth Form and Wyke Sixth Form. Each member of the group is an independent provision within its own region.

As part of the Venn Group we work collaboratively to share best practice and achieve the best possible outcomes for our students and to support our staff to gain this.

Quote from Trevor Wray: “The Venn group was set up to provide opportunities for staff and students from the five member colleges to share ideas, experiences and (above all) improve outcomes for our students. Events like the Teaching and Learning Conference will, we hope, create an opportunity for staff to reflect on their professional practice, learn from their colleagues from across the Venn group, and further develop their skills in working with students. Our aim is to strive for excellence, and improve the life chances for our students.”

Monday 6 January 2020 Venn held their sixth conference at the University of Hull, focusing on Teaching, Learning and Assessment with a selection of guest speakers and break-out sessions. We had the opportunity to capture and share with you our collaborative programme this year.

We would like to thank Colin Peaks, Principal at Wilberforce for welcoming and opening the Conference; followed by Professor Rebecca Huxley-Binns to encourage us for forward thinking.

Followed by Ross McGill founder of Teacher Toolkit and a keen education researcher.

An insightful session on Research Findings and Mark, Plan, Teach Big Ideas.

A question for teachers from Ross today: Are you ensuring your feedback to your students is Meaningful, Management, Motivating? This is based on his current research regarding assessment, planning and teaching we need to ensure this is a key factor with our process.