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September sees Franklin run the Young Reporter Scheme for the First Time

Starting September, we’re running the Young Reporter scheme for our students for the first time at Franklin.

The scheme will complement our existing Journalism Club, which launched this year, and be open to both first- and second-years looking to develop their interest, hone their skills, and put together an impressive portfolio before they step out into their chosen futures.

It will run as part of our Personal and Skills Development programme with support from English course tutor, Richard Kay. He’ll share the skills and knowledge he developed during his degree in Professional Writing with our budding future journalists.

What is the Young Reporter scheme?

The Young Reporter scheme aims to lead the next generation of journalists. Operating since 2008 in partnership with Newsquest Media Group, it’s designed to provide students an opportunity to write for real live online newspapers.

Open to years 10 to 13, it’s a great way for students to showcase published work and build up a portfolio over the duration of the scheme.

Running from September through to April, students are tasked with writing eight articles during the eight-month period. Deadlines are provided to work to and categories to write within. Best of all, all articles produced are published.

At the end of the scheme, there’s a competition where students are free to submit three of their chosen articles to be judged against others in their age group.

In June, the scheme runs an award ceremony where the winners are announced for each academic year. The two top reporters from each year go on to become the faces of the scheme for the following year.

The scheme provides students with some amazing opportunities that they cover. Previous years have seen students cover some impressive press events including The London Dungeon, Immersive Gamebox, and Monopoly Lifesize, among others.

You can find out more by visiting the official website.

We’re sure our students will produce some amazing work and we look forward to reading all the articles when they go live.

Image shows one of our budding reporters, Fin Gray, interviewing Lia Nici, MP for Great Grimsby, for the recently launched Franklin Student Podcast. Check out the episode here!