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Safety and Wellbeing Take Centre Stage at our Student Safeguarding Day

Safeguarding Day 1

Franklin is fully committed to the rounded development and experience of our students and offer a fantastic range of support both internally and through external partnerships. We understand that everyone needs support and that this can be different for different people.

Today was our first Keeping Safe Day, a fantastic and well attended event for students. We welcomed over 15 local organisations committed to providing support, advice, and guidance on a variety of pastoral and safeguarding issues.

Students had the opportunity to chat with representatives from Compass Go, Humber Road Safety, Humberside Fire and Rescue, Samaritans, NSPCC, Talking Therapies, and many more.

These organisations covered a variety of topics, ensuring students were well-equipped with knowledge about vital life skills and support. Read on to find out more!

Healthy Relationships

Understanding the foundations of healthy relationships is crucial, and students had the opportunity to gain insights into maintaining positive connections with others.

Substance Misuse

Issues related to substance misuse were discussed, providing valuable info and support on how to make informed choices and seek help when needed.

Domestic Abuse

Learning about domestic abuse and recognising the signs is a fundamental skill for students to possess, ensuring their own and others safety.

Road Safety

Humber Road Safety provided essential guidance on staying safe while on the road, equipping students with knowledge that can literally save lives.

Cyber Safety

In an increasingly digital world, understanding the nuances of cyber safety is vital. Students received valuable insights into online security.

Testicular Cancer Awareness

The Oddballs Foundation challenged the stigma surrounding testicular health. They discussed facts, symptoms, self-checking, diagnosis, treatment, and available support, empowering anyone with testes to take charge of their wellbeing.

Sexual Wellbeing

Students also had the opportunity to explore the Thrive stall. Here, they could sign up for the newly launched C-Card Scheme, which encourages safe and responsible sexual health practices. The initiative is designed to support students in making informed choices regarding their sexual wellbeing.

Period Equality

Students were able to access free period products including Mooncups, period pants, and reusable pads. This effort promotes period equality, affordability, and sustainability, ensuring that all students have access to the products they need.

Looking Ahead

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of local agencies and the enthusiastic participation of our students this year’s Safeguarding Day was brilliantly received.

It’s through events like these that we can foster a safe, informed, and empowered student community, ready to face the challenges of the modern world.

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