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Our Netball Team play an emotional final game against Wyke Sixth Form College

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The very last game for Franklin and it being a double header against Wyke outdoors! This meant that Franklin had to battle the wind, blinding sun and rising temperatures, as well as the opponents.

First quarter showed true grit as Aleks (C) pushes into each third with motive! Making her presence known with interceptions and her lovely amount of “here’s”.

Wyke 5 - 3 Franklin

Second quarter and Lucy R(GD) and Izzy (GK) establishing no nonsense in the semi circle. Battling for each rebound and lovely leans. Even when the game was toe to toe! Literally!

Wyke 9 - 6 Franklin

The next quarter begins and Lucy T (WD) did not make it easy for her WA! A force to be reckon with! and Grigg (WA) demonstrating a clean game throughout, amazing progress in the 2 years made here.

Wyke 12 - 7 Franklin

Last and final quarter and even against the wind the shooters played phenomenal. Lucy O (GA) showed no mercy to her defender even with constant contacts against her. Katie (GS), defender? Mid court? Now shooter? Showing versatility throughout the years and creating such strong drives out the circle! GK had no chance.

Wyke 14 - 11 Franklin

An unfortunate loss but not an unfortunate game. The girls fought and battled hard and leaving everything on the court. Well done to Izzy for player of the match.

Well played everyone!