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Mock Medical Interviews a success at Franklin

This week we held our mock MMIs which are now in their second year.  These mock interviews are designed to reflect current common practice for health related applications and take the form of a "speed dating" type of event consisting of six questions at six ‘stations’.  We are extremely grateful to our external interviewers who consisted of a retired GP Dr Bhaduri, Lead Clinical Skills Tutor Giselle Edwards, Eleanor Waugh from Manchester Metropolitan University, Caroline Priestley and Johnny from the University of Bradford, Janice Nolan from the University of Hull and Andy Green from the charity Counting Hope.  This made for a realistic setting for the students with the questions being designed to test their knowledge of the role, communication skills and awareness of current issues in the health service.  They are also asked to consider an ethical dilemma.  Some of the students were a little nervous to start with but the interviewers soon put them at ease.  We ran three sessions in all totalling eighteen students who will all now be much better prepared for the real thing over the next couple of months. At the group reflection which took place straight after the interviews with Andy Howden they were able to sign up for individual feedback on each of the six ‘stations’ which will take place over the next week or so.  Feedback from the external visitors was extremely positive.  Ellie Waugh from Manchester Metropolitan University said afterwards “It was a really interesting and fun session as usual. The students were all very well prepared so that’s credit to you, the staff and the students”.  Caroline Priestley from the University of Bradford said “Fantastic afternoon, fantastic students.”  We wish all of the students who took part in this the very best of luck with their applications.