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Looking Back at a Brilliant Parent and Carer Welcome Evening

Welcome Evening 6

We were delighted to welcome parents and guardians of our first years to Franklin this week.

We’re so proud of our students and our college which provides them with a great place to study and gain a vast range of additional opportunities during their time with us. There’s a reason our students progress onto amazing destinations including Oxbridge and other Russel Group universities, as well as top apprenticeships and great employment opportunities.

If you weren’t able to attend our Welcome Event – or if you just want a recap of the evening’s messages – check out our write-up and official image gallery below.

If you missed the event of want to recap key messages, you can do that by clicking or tapping here

Expectations and Values

Our Executive Principal and CEO Pete Kennedy opened the evening with an overview of Franklin’s commitment to student success, our strong focus on supporting our community through a joined up approach as we deliver our vision and values that shape Franklin and lay the foundation of our strong culture.

What We Expect from Students

We discussed our expectations of students, ensuring that both parents / guardians and their family are on the same page when it comes expectations, high standards, success, and progression after life at Franklin.

Support Services

Our comprehensive range of support services – from Safeguarding and Wellbeing to Learning Support and our Progress Coaches and Aspire programme – were introduced. We also provided details about consultation evenings, student finance, transport, and offered an overview of our fantastic Personal and Professional Development Programmes which offer endless opportunities to develop skills during a student’s time at Franklin. Find out more about these opportunities on our Careers, Personal & Professional Development pages.

Connect with Key Staff

We understand that questions, support, and sometimes concerns about your child's education are natural. That's why we created an opportunity for you to chat with key staff members – from student support to Heads of Department and our fantastic Personal and Professional Development Teams.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

We proudly showcased our state-of-the-art facilities and highlighted the £2m investments we’ve made in the development of our campus over the last few years. It’s all about creating an amazing environment for your child to flourish.

Student Behaviour and Independence

Understanding how students should behave and act while at Franklin is essential. We provided insights into our expectations and how students can excel during their time with us through immersing themselves in all aspects of life at Franklin.

Skills Desk and Personal Development

Speaking of success, we were proud to showcase our Skills @ Desk which is designed to support your child succeed. With support for lost learning and areas of development, the friendly and supportive team are on-hand daily in The Bridge to offer support on areas such as key skills and academic skills from organisation through to proofreading and referencing.

Attendance and Lost Learning

Attendance is crucial for academic success. We shared information about our high expectations for attendance and how we help students recover any lost learning opportunities.

Partnering with Parents and Guardians

We believe that a strong partnership between the college, parents, and guardians is key to student success. From the reaction on the evening, you were all in agreement.

Keeping in Touch

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You can also read our regular Parents Newsletters which go out November, January, February, and May, and keep in touch with the Parents Wellbeing Newsletters too. There’s also plenty of useful information on this page.