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Katrina up for national award

At Franklin College we have five excellent Career Academies giving our students the opportunity to be mentored by local professionals, gain valuable work experience and skills and learn more about the fields they are passionate about. This year, while many of our students have shown tremendous dedication to Career Academy alongside their studies, Katrina Rjabova has particularly stood out. Katrina was rewarded for her hard work by becoming the Career Ready regional winner of Student of the Year. This gave her the chance to travel to London to be interviewed for the national title. We wish Katrina luck and are excited to find out how she's done at the end of April. Fingers crossed! 

Here is what Katrina had to say about her London experience:

On Wednesday 28th of March I was fortunate enough to attend a Career Ready judging panel at Leidos, London as one of the 6 regional winners for 'Student of the Year' award. It was a very unpredictable yet exciting experience. I wasn't fully aware of where I was going, what it would be like there or who will be interviewing me, and the preparation time wasn't long. Nonetheless, I dived into the opportunity with the main goal to overcome my fears and add to my confidence. I was feeling a little doubt and nervousness before the judging panel but tried my best to keep calm and optimistic. I knew I just needed to be myself and communicate across all that I've achieved and all that I've become during the Career Ready program. The judging panel was held by five very approachable and friendly judges which relieved a lot of the pressure once I entered the conference room. I held myself well and took great advantage of my 30 minutes time, in fact running over my time with all the great things I had to tell about myself. I really took that time to shine. Once I left the company, a wave of relief and pride swept over me. I believe my presentation/interview couldn't have gone any better as I gave it my all and now I'm looking forward to the 25th of April to celebrate my and the other candidate's achievements at the Career Ready Award's Dinner in London.  ​