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Inspiring the Future: Lord Maurice Glasman Visits Franklin

Lord Glasman 7

Inspiring the Future: Lord Maurice Glasman Visits Franklin

We believe in nurturing young minds, empowering them to be future leaders, and encouraging them to actively engage with the world around them.

Our recent high-profile visitor, Lord Maurice Glasman, breathed life into this philosophy as he interacted with our brilliant Business and History students. His insights and experiences as the Director of the Common Good Foundation were nothing short of inspiring. We know our students definitely agree!

Bridging the Gap

Lord Glasman's visit was a great opportunity for students to engage with a prominent figure who has dedicated his life to understanding the intricate relationship between money, government, and social change.

Our students learnt about:

  • The control and influence of money
  • The relationship between the state and money
  • The power of working together
  • Developing relationships

Forum for Fresh Perspectives

The meeting with Lord Glasman wasn’t just a one-way street. Our students seized the opportunity to share their own opinions on various pressing issues within Grimsby and Lincolnshire. The insights they offered were both eye-opening and concerning:

  • Degradation - The Running Down of Shops in Town Centre

The decline of local businesses in town centres was a matter close to the hearts of many students. Lord Glasman's message was clear: it's our responsibility to protect and revitalise our local economies.

  • Vandalism

Students discussed the need to address vandalism as it adversely affects the sense of safety and community in their surroundings.

  • Traffic

The ongoing traffic issues were a common concern among students. Lord Glasman's message of change through cooperation resonated with the idea that collective action can lead to better transportation solutions.

  • Economic Issues

Our students had insightful discussions about the economic struggles faced by many in the region. Lord Glasman's words served as a reminder that economic policies can be influenced by the active participation of the younger generation.

  • Increased Housing

Housing shortages were a significant topic, with Lord Glasman emphasising the role of advocacy in securing affordable and quality housing for all.

  • Pollution

Environmental concerns, including pollution, were high on the agenda, reinforcing the importance of eco-conscious policies and individual responsibility.

The Power of Communication

As the meeting drew to a close, the overall message was loud and clear: communication and sharing of opinions are the building blocks of change. Lord Glasman's visit was a call to action for our students, reminding them that they have a voice that can shape their communities and influence the future.

As we move forward, we’re confident that our students will carry these lessons with them, working together to create a brighter, more vibrant future for Grimsby, Lincolnshire, and beyond. After all, it is through their voices and actions that we can hope to inspire positive change in the world.