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Health & Social Care visit to the Thackray Museum

On Thursday 14 December our Health & Social Care students went over to visit the Thackray museum in Leeds. With engaging exhibits on medical history it was an eye opening experience for all.

This is what Franklin student Lanerissa Robson had to say:

"On Thursday Health and Social Care students visited The Thackray Museum in Leeds. The Thackray museum is such a good trip to go on especially if you are studying Heath and Social Care or even history because it has lots of interesting information about medical history such as bacteria and diseases on the streets in 1842. The trip was very interesting because I learnt a lot of information that I never knew before like how Hannah Dyson who was a young women who worked in a factory died. I would definitely recommend the Thackray museum to any student in which is studying history or Health and Social Care. The museum was very good because it had different exhibits for all ages such as a life zone for children in primary and then they have exhibits such as pain, pus and blood for teenagers and adults. It was such a good day out. On the way home we also got the chance to spend some free time at Xscape and at junction 32. I would strongly advise other teachers and students to go visit the museum".