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Global Entrepreneur Event in Hull

Our students had a great time last week at the Global Entrepreneur Event in Hull. They were able to listen to inspirational speakers and took part in an engaging competition testing their business skills against many other schools and colleges finishing in an impressive 2nd place.

Here is what Franklin Business student Caitlin Rimmer had to say.

"At the Global Entrepreneur Week in Hull we worked together on a series of tasks against other schools and colleges. The first task was to build a structure; this was a good task as it allowed us to build trust together and work as a team to create something unique to a brief. As part of the second task we had to design a caravan suitable for a young or family audience. All the tasks allowed us to think creatively and like entrepreneurs. Our Franklin team consisted of 5 people and in the end we finished 2nd out of 20 groups winning a £200 prize. In addition to the competition it was great to hear from inspirational speakers at their struggles to achieve business success".