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Franklin supports Grimsby community to aid Ukraine

Over the summer a local Grimsby business man was inundated with fishcakes and decided to gift them to Ukraine. Hilton Seafoods kindly agreed to donate the product free of charge but realised they could do with some help. The community pulled together, showing incredible efforts; with ACS&T Logistics handling the out-load, Wedge Fish and a local business man paying for the transport to Ukraine and Port Health kindly preparing the export paperwork free of charge to make the journey happen. Franklin Sixth Form College sponsored the labels that were added to the pallets for the final piece of the journey to take place.

A special thank you to driver Dmytro Istomin. The goods were gratefully received in Ukraine.

Amazing efforts across the town demonstrating local support for those affected by conflict today.

Since medieval times, fishing has been important to the town, but it was during the second half of the 19th century that the fishing “boom” began (Great Grimsby, 2015). The rest is history..

Fish remains a strong part of the town’s identity to this day.