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Franklin Sixth Form College Students Showcase Talents to Local Employers

We are excited to announce that our students will be taking part in Grimsby's first Meet the Future event in partnership with the Business Hive Grimsby on February 7th, from 1pm to 3 pm. 

The initiative, conceived by Mark Webb, Director at the Business Hive in Grimsby, aims to bridge the gap between local businesses and the exceptional young talent emerging from Franklin. Focused on retaining talent within the region, Meet the Future is a unique opportunity for businesses to engage with students completing their studies next summer. 

As part of the initiative, 20 students from Franklin have undertaken a variety of employability-based workshops working with a group of successful local business people and entrepreneurs, who have provided weekly sessions looking at key skills such as, communication, persuasive writing and speaking, interviewing, body language and impact, helping them to understand the job market and crucially being able to articulate their aspirations.  

The coaches Austen Hempstead, Matthew Gray, Lisa February, Helen Martindale, Mark Webb and Anderlea Butters have given their time and expertise entirely free of charge and have spent time giving the students an insight into how businesses recruit, how to be an outstanding candidate for the ideal job and insights into the sector they are specifically interested in. Mark said: “In the past, traditional recruitment fairs have involved employers setting out their stall in a town hall and inviting young people to attend and gather information. The Meet the Future initiative turns that on its head. 20 young people from Franklin who are about to leave full-time education will set out their stall in ‘The Bridge’ on the Franklin College campus and showcase themselves and their skills to future employers.  

“They will be fully prepared to put their best foot forward, promote their skills and potential, articulate their ambition, and demonstrate why they are your next star employee. Of course, they will also be looking for an employer who offers them the best opportunities to fulfil their aspirations.” 

The Business Hive and E-Factor calls on every employer in North East Lincolnshire to register for this unique event on February 7th to come and show their support for this group of young people who have chosen to step up and show their potential. They deserve all the encouragement our business community can offer, and what better way to show that support than turning up on the day, even if you are not recruiting right now, seeing the students in action, speaking to them about their ambitions, and letting them know this area has the opportunities they are looking for and employers who believe in them. Any one of these could be your future star employee. 

Please register your attendance for Meet the Future by visiting: