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Franklin Blacks v Doncaster - Match Report

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Franklin Blacks v Doncaster - Match Report

It was the first match since the half term, so the before match nerves and pre game jitters were soon dusted off with a fun warm up from captain Jacie.

As soon as the first whistle went, Franklin switched straight on! Taking a turnover in the first centre pass and displaying dominance and control of the game throughout!

Defending Belle, Libby and Ebony all showing no hesitation to getting physical with tight marking and clean reverse hands.

Mid court players Ella, Skye and Scarlett developing new set plays and building strong connections as each quarter progresses. Some superb intercepts and balls into the attacking third.

Shooters Jacie and Liv showing excellency within the circle. Utilising their players to settle into position for a shot. Going for rebounds and fast recovery when ball had turned over, with some great goals too.

In the end, Franklin take a commendable 35-2 Victory against Doncaster. Well done girls!

What a fantastic start to this terms fixtures, having fun, playing netball and remaining unbeaten in the college league.

Coaches player:

Skye for taking on every coaching point, and showcasing her defensive skills, gaining turnover and rapid recovery.

Libby for her energy and consistency, showing how reliable and dependable she is within the team!