Franklin Banner Background Dougie M. Wheat At Last Soldiers Standing Premiere

Former Franklin Student Premieres Sophomore Short Film this September

Charlie, Dougie, Taylor INTERROGATION SICARE921

Former Franklin student Dougie M. Wheat is set to premiere his latest short film at Parkway Cinema, Cleethorpes this September.

In 2022, Dougie M. Wheat premiered his debut short film, Last Soldiers Standing, at Parkway Cinema, Cleethorpes. The low-budget indie film, which chronicled the tense showdown between an English and German soldier in the aftermath of the Somme, sold out within 24 hours.

Following triumphantly in the first film’s success, Dougie (pictured middle) is set to premiere his sophomore effort, INTERROGATION: SICARE921, this September.

The writing, production, and marketing surrounding both short films took place whilst Dougie was studying Film Studies and Media Production at Franklin. During his time with us – from September 2021 to June 2023 – he founded his very own film and TV production company, Ambition Films.


Taking place on September 22 (7:30 - 9pm), INTERROGATION: SICARE921 will premiere in screen 8 which, with 95 seats, is a bigger and better environment than its predecessor enjoyed.

As well as being written, directed, produced, shot, and edited by Dougie himself, the short film also stars two Franklin Graduates – Taylor Lacey and Charlie Walker (pictured left and right respectively). The former studied Film Studies, Drama & Theatre Studies, and Media Production, while the latter took Drama & Theatre Studies and Performing Arts. They’ve definitely put what they’ve learned into practice.


Galactic criminal and murderer Filip Sicare is under interrogation by Officer Makale of the Galactic Enforcers. Although they are aboard a secure prison star-cruiser, Officer Makale fears the hypnotic danger and sadistic nature of Sicare as his deepest insanity is uncovered.

Check out the tantalising trailer here.

Who’s involved?

  • Dougie M. Wheat – Scriptwriter, Director, Producer, Cameraman/Editor
  • Oskar Dulko – Second Cameraman & Behind the Scenes Cameraman
  • Taylor Lacey – Filip Sicare
  • Charlie Walker – Officer Makale

If you want to book a ticket

If you’d like to attend the premiere, drop an email to with your full name(s), appropriate contact info, and the number of seats you’d like. If there’s still enough seats available, you’ll receive an email invoice with bank transfer info. More info can be found here.

Tickets are only £5 per person / per seat.

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