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Career Ready Capital Experience 2017

Students on our five career academies have recently returned from their Career Ready Capital Experience. The groups had the opportunity to experience some of London's tourist hot spots in additional to taking part in fantastic masterclasses and industry specific visits including the British Medical Journal, Bird & Bird Law firm and Engie. A truly inspiring trip.

Here's what the students had to say about their individual trips.

Health students’ visit to the British Medical Journal:

“Visiting the British Medical Journal was my favourite part of the visit as they were really nice and I learnt a lot.”

“The British Medical Journal was a very interesting place to visit and it was a great experience to have.”

“I really enjoyed my visit to the British Medical Journal. The people were very friendly, and the talk was very informative. Especially to the woman who spoke to my group about marketing, she was happy to answer my questions truthfully and in detail which was helpful for me. The scenery was very relaxed and since then I have been reading some of the BMJ articles. It was amazing knowing about the history of the BMJ and the amazing building. Plus, the bag etc. which we got at the end was lovely. I found my trip to the BMJ was very helpful.”

Student’s feedback for Action Jackson's motivational masterclass:

“I really enjoyed the Career Ready talks and it has motivated me to do better with my life and put in more than 100% to get to where I want to be.”

“The Career Ready talks were my favourite part of the visit because it was entertaining and taught me that I can turn my life around as long as I put in the work. I thought it was educational and taught me a lot about how important first impressions are.”

“I enjoyed the Career Ready Masterclass at Dominion Theatre because Action Jackson was very inspirational and funny. I think his overall approach was very good and well delivered, as speaking to a teenage audience needs that kind of attitude and humour.”

Law/Business/Logistics students’ visit to Bird & Bird:

“The law visit to Bird & Bird showed me what I can gain from the Career Academy if I work hard and it also helped me realise what I want my future to be like and what I don’t want it to be like.”

“Visiting Bird & Bird has really set me a goal for what I want to reach in life.”

“I enjoyed being visiting Bird & Bird and getting a feel for how they run, what they look like and what it’s like to be in a law firm. It also made me realise that it is where I want to go in the future.”

STEM students’ visit to Engie:

“My favourite part of the visit was seeing the city and visiting the London Olympic park.”

“I really enjoyed the visit to Engie. They helped me see London from a different point of view.”