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Career Academy

During the summer half-term, the Franklin College Career Academy students were hard at work during their Internships at local organisations around Grimsby.

Students have been working at organisations such as DONG Energy, Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Lyke Ltd, NELC and Shoreline Housing Partnership. As part of the Career Ready process, students must complete a 4-6 week internship to aid them in developing their employability skills and to also give them hands-on experience in a real working environment.

The students who completed their internships at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital were given the opportunity to witness live surgery in the theatres and to aid staff members with patient care on the Hospital wards.

Giselle Kesson, Clinical Skills Tutor at the Hospital said, “For us it’s about getting local students interested in a career in healthcare. Hopefully they will look for positions here at the Hospital in the future” One of our Health Career Academy students, Sarah Schrimbrand, said, “It was really hands on. We helped with patient observations, and even got to watch surgery” “It was really useful to spend time on the Day Surgery Unit at the Hospital.” Alice Rolph from the Health Career Academy, “I did a lot of observations on pre and post-operative patients. I also learnt how to establish a relationship of trust with each patient and how to respond to them appropriately and professionally. I feel that the internship confirmed that medicine is the right career for me.”

One of our Logistics Academy students, Callum King, completed his internship with Lyke Ltd, a web-designing company created by Andy Green, a former Franklin College student. During his time with Lyke Ltd, Callum was given the chance to develop some of the clients’ websites, create videos for the company’s social media and also got the opportunity to network with other organisations. Andy was overall very impressed with his intern. “Callum seemed very interested and passionate about his future as well as the industry.” Callum said, “I really enjoyed it and got the chance to learn a lot of skills. It has been very beneficial for me.” After such a positive experience with Callum as his intern, Andy has now agreed to be a Career Ready mentor to the new Career Academy students.

Thomas Watson, a student from our Logistics Academy, and Parisa Toutounchi, from our Law Academy, completed their internships with Shoreline Housing Partnership.

During their internships they were given the opportunity to experience what it is like to deal with customers face-to-face in the Customer Contact Centre, completed min-research projects and developed confidence and key employability skills.

Parisa, who worked with the Customer Champion Do-It Online Service, said,” My internship experience has guided me to my future destination after college as I received so much euphoria from giving customers advice when it mattered most that I decided a future in psychology would be very fitting.”

Lorraine Osgar, Shoreline Corporate Consultation Officer and Parisa’s mentor, said, “As Parisa’s mentor, I found her a pleasure to work with. She was polite, friendly, extremely helpful and always keen to learn.”

The 3 students who spent their internship at DONG Energy, Rebecca Hepworth, Ellis Carr and George Groves, also had excellent feedback from the staff.

With comments such as, “The students were a pleasure to have and they presented themselves in a professional manner leaving a lasting impression and lastly being very good representatives of their College.”