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A Message From Our Principal Regarding A Level Results

You have no doubt seen the news about A level grades now being reverted to the College’s Centre Assessed Grade (CAG).

We have yet to be informed of how this will happen in terms of any revised grades and will be in touch when we receive confirmation.

In the meantime, where your progression offer at University was affected, in that your CAG met the requirements but your grades last Thursday meant you were pending appeal, then you should try to contact the University directly to ensure this is clear to them. Be a little patient, Universities will be swamped with enquiries and may take some time to respond.

Some universities have told me that they will automatically go back to students who had contacted them with CAG information, and I am hopeful that for most, all is now resolved.

We know that now the CAG issue for A levels is being resolved, there remain some queries and we will work through these as quickly as we can. I am sorry that many Franklin students have been affected by this whole mess, but am relieved that for almost all of you, the situation is now much improved and your next steps clearer.

Can I also say, to the whole class of 2020 how proud we are of you. Quite rightly, you are our best performing group of students ever. You have overcome so many obstacles and issues and I congratulate you on your performance and thank you for making Franklin Sixth Form College the best in our region. I wish you well in your next steps and I hope that we will be able to do something later in the year to celebrate your collective achievements.