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Franklin students set to change the world!

Franklin students yet again celebrate outstanding success today as they receive their A level and Advanced BTEC/CTEC grades. We are congratulating our students on their work over the last two years, their commitment and their wider achievements.

In rising to the unique challenges of the last year and a half, our class of 2021 really have done themselves, their families and the College proud. They are a truly outstanding group of young people, demonstrating tenacity and integrity in the face of Covid-disruption that has tested them all.

Supported by a dedicated staff team determined to work through the challenges posed by the pandemic, students have faced the move in and out of remote learning, Covid-testing regimes, periods of isolation, distancing and other safety measures, all followed by a long and rigorous assessment and evidence gathering phase through the last few months. At the same time they have had to deal with their own and their family’s worries about health, work and everything else.

The College is particularly pleased that Franklin students have again this year secured Oxbridge places, with three students progressing to these most prestigious of university destinations. We're also delighted that work supported by our local Medical Schools at the Universities of Lincoln and Hull has seen four students progress to medical degrees, with more students than ever progressing to Russell Group universities and other highly competitive destinations, alongside those going into Degree Apprenticeships and some directly to opportunities in the workplace.

We know our class of 21 will go on to change their world. They've already shown us they are capable of so much!