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A great year for Franklin netball

This year we’ve had a great level of interest for netball. We’ve had a full squad from both our 1st year and 2nd year cohorts. The girls have remained committed and eager to train and play as much as possible. The sports staff were proud to nominated the girls for Franklin College ‘Team of the year award’ which they won last week.

They’re a great group with a phenomenal team bond and motivation. Since forming in September the players have shown commitment to the team’s development, and gone from strength to strength in their attitude and development. The squad trains and plays weekly, in both the college and local ladies league and are always looking at ways to develop further. They attack every match head on with drive to win and put in a top performance.

Two members of the squad, Bethsy Allman ‘Team Captain’ and Olivia Redmond ‘Deputy Captain’ have shown great levels of leadership and enthusiasm to drive the team forward throughout the year. Right from the very start of the season they have stepped up to the plate with enthusiasm and passion for the sport. Another special mention goes to Caitlin Friend, our 1st year student who as well has followed in the footsteps of Bethsy and Olivia and worked to build confidence to become a great motivator and lead the 1st years, creating the bond and love for the college netball squad for them to take into their 2nd year at college with Franklin.

They’re a great group of girls and the sport team have thoroughly enjoyed working with them throughout the year!!

They should be proud and we hope they continue to love the sport forever!