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Accessibility Plan for Disabled Students

Franklin Sixth Form College supports students with a range of special educational needs including physical disabilities. During consultation with you and your family we will endeavour to ensure that our courses, buildings and enrichment activities are accessible and safe so you can feel confident starting Franklin with your peers.

If you have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and have requested that Franklin Sixth Form College is the named provider for your next steps, the local authority will carry out a consultation with the College to ensure that we are the best provider to meet both your educational and support needs. Following this process you should apply to Franklin through Lincs2 or on our website. You will then be allocated an interview with the Learning Support Manager who, during the months prior to your admission, will work with you, your family, other professionals and your previous school were appropriate, to put together a support and transition plan to suit your needs. Our aim is always to maximise your independence as much as possible.

Students with an EHCP will have specific identified Outcomes, which will be reviewed at least annually, using a Person Centred approach. This means that you will have a say in how the review is carried out, to make sure that it is a positive and valuable experience for you.

If you do not have an EHCP but have SEN and would like to talk to us about how we can support you when you start at College, please contact the SEN Manager to arrange a meeting and where possible and appropriate, a support plan will be put in place before you start at College.

All staff at Franklin receive training and guidance on making lessons accessible to learners with SEN. This might be via group training, or individual support relating to the needs of a particular student. However, we are aware that everyone’s needs are different and, by the time you reach College, you will have developed your own strategies which may be unique to you. For this reason, please share with us what works for you, so that we can personalise our approach as much as possible.

Students with disabilities are actively encouraged to take part in all College activities. These include sporting activities, overseas and national trips, on site clubs and societies and work experience.


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