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Post Results Information

Post Results Services

(Updated 26/03/2024)

If you have any concerns regarding your results, there are various post result services available. 


Service 1: Clerical Check 


A clerical check of a marked paper makes sure:

  • All the pages were marked
  • All the marks were counted
  • The result matches the marks on the paper.

The deadline for completion is within 10 calendar days of the awarding body receiving the request.

Service 2: Review of Marking 


A review of marking can be requested to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly, this does not mean the exam script is remarked.

A marking error can occur due to:

  • an administrative error;
  • a failure to apply the mark scheme where a task only has a 'right' or 'wrong' answer; 
  • an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement.


The awarding body will train its reviewers to conduct reviews of marking accurately and consistently. Reviewers will not remark the exam script. They will only act to correct any errors identified in the original marking. 

A review of marking will include

  • a clerical check as detailed in service 1;
  • a review of marking as described above. 

The deadline for completion is within 20 calendar days of the awarding body receiving the request. 


Service 2P: Priority Review of Marking 


If your university place is at risk please speak to a member of the Exams Team urgently with regards to a priority appeal. You cannot request a priority script if you are applying for a priority appeal.

A priority review of marking will follow the same process as outlined above, however the awarding bodies will give these reviews priority due to university places pending. 

You are strongly advised to contact your university to notify them that a review of results has been requested. By informing them, they may be able to keep your place open until the review has been completed. 

  • An awarding body will not inform UCAS or others that an review of marking has been requested, however it will advise UCAS of any grade change following a review. 

The deadline for completion is within 15 calendar days of the awarding body receiving the request. 

Access to Scripts


Scripts can be requested for the following reasons

  • Scripts to support reviews of marking (priority)
  • Scripts to support teaching and learning (non-priority)

Candidate consent must be obtained before copies of scripts can be requested. Consent can be provided via email from your Franklin College account.

Where scripts are requested to support teaching and learning Franklin College provides assurance that:

  • Script copies will be seen only by teachers who are members of staff at Franklin College or returned directly to candidates. 
  • Candidates who grant their permission have the right to ask Franklin College to anonymise their scripts before use. 
  • Script copies used by teachers at Franklin College will be kept securely within the centre. When no longer required, scripts will be disposed of confidentially. 
  • Candidates have the right to instruct Franklin College not to request their scripts. 


To request access to your exam script(s), please email

Candidate Consent


If Franklin College submits a post result service request on a candidate's behalf, there are three possible outcomes: 

  • Your original mark is confirmed as correct, and there is no change to your grade
  • Your original mark is raised, so your final grade may be higher than the original grade you received
  • Your original mark is lowered, so your final grade may be lower than the original grade you received

As your grade may increase, decrease or stay the same, no application can be made to the exam board until candidate consent has been obtained. 

Consent must be provided when requesting a post results service however can only be obtained after the issue of results for the respective examination series. If providing consent via email, this must come from your Franklin College account. 


Post Result Services (January 2024 Series) - Deadlines and Fees


The below deadlines and fees apply to L2 BTEC Firsts, L3 BTEC Nationals and L3 Cambridge Technicals examinations taken in the January 2024 series. 




L2 BTEC Firsts & L3 BTEC Nationals

L3 Cambridge Technical

Clerical Check 16th April 2024 16th April 2024
Review of Marking 16th April 2024 16th April 2024

Access to Script Priority  (To support Reviews of Marking)

16th April 2024 16th April 2024
Access to Script   (To support Teaching & Learning) 16th April 2024 16th April 2024





L2 BTEC Firsts & L3 BTEC Nationals

L3 Cambridge Technicals

Clerical Check £12.50 £10.75
Review of Marking £44.50 £61.50
Post Result Copy of Script £13.80 £15.75
Access to Script    Free Free

Fees charged are the fees charged to Franklin College by the awarding body.


Fees must be paid to Franklin College before a post result request can be submitted to the awarding body. If, following a post result service, your grade changes the post results fee will be refunded. 


How to request a Post Results Service

If you would like to request a post result service, please complete the online application form here

Please note fees for post results services must be paid to Franklin College before the request is submitted to the exam board. You can make payment either in person or over the phone to our Finance Team. 


Outcomes will be emailed to your Franklin College account as soon as they are received from the awarding body.