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Clubs & Societies

At Franklin we offer you an amazing range of Personal and Skills Development opportunities.

The Personal and Skills Development programme provided as part of Aspire allows you to meet new friends, try out a new hobby, or enhance your skills ready for your progression.

Here is just a taste of some of the enrichment activities. Film Club, Debate Club, Student Ambassadors, Journalism, Creative Writing, Mountaineering Group, Music and Drama Productions, LGBTQ+ (SWAG), Mock Court Trial, Esports, Yoga, Fine Art, Photography, Rewilding.

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Debate Club

The Franklin Debate Club is a student-led group that meets weekly on a Monday lunchtime in the theatre. The group has an open, inclusive and respectful ethos, and all students are welcome. 

Nothing is off-topic for discussion at Debate Club. All group members have a chance to take part in debate competitions between Franklin students and against other students from other institutions. 

Debate Club is an excellent opportunity to develop confidence and presentation skills that help you stand out in university applications and job interviews.  It develops the desired teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills prized by employers, students make new friends and find new connections.

Swag Circle


The LGBTQ+ group, or ‘SWAG’ (the group’s new name, which stands for So We Are Gay/Gender Queer) is an informal, student-led group which meets fortnightly on a Thursday lunchtime in room 46. 

The group has an open, inclusive and respectful ethos, and all students from the LGBTQ+ community and Allies are welcome. 

During the sessions, topical themes are discussed such as Transgender Day of Remembrance or queer icons of colour as well as arising issues; such as mis-gendering, the importance of preferred pronoun badges, and gender neutral toilets. 

It is a really friendly and chatty environment where students make new friends and find new connections.

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The Franklin Re-wilders is an alliance of staff and students who believe nature counts. The aim is to create a learning space that's welcoming to nature as much as students. Phase 1 has seen a hedge planted of native species and small areas of trees. Phase 2 looks set to be wildflower meadow. Help be part of the journey to give nature a home and brighten all our lives. 

Su Circle

Student Union

The Student Union is a student run group that dedicates its time to representing the whole student community, making sure student voices are heard; influencing the future direction of the college. 

If you have passion and want to campaign on behalf of others then the Student Union is a way you can do that. Whether you are passionate about equality and diversity, technology, faith and culture, wellbeing, fundraising, marketing or the environment the student union has a role for you.

Thrive Circle


The Thrive Wellbeing Award is a 6-week supported programme focusing on self-care in order to maintain or improve wellbeing. 

The award requires students to set goals to achieve that will contribute towards supporting their wellbeing, whilst maintaining a log of activities they have completed each week to; be active; relax and have fun; learn something new; connect with others; and take notice. 

The award is aimed at all students, whether they want to improve wellbeing, or maintain it, giving all the best opportunity to thrive at college and in life.