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20/21 Appeals Information and FAQs

20/21 Appeals Information and FAQs

20/21 Appeals Information 


Appeal Arrangements

There is a 2 stage appeal process this year:

  • Stage 1: Centre review
  • Stage 2: Appeal to the awarding organisation

A stage 1 centre review must be requested and completed before a stage 2 appeal can be made. Stage 2 appeals must be submitted by Franklin College, students cannot make a request direct to the awarding organisation. 


A centre review / appeal to the awarding organisation can be made on one of the following grounds:

  • Administrative error made by the centre (stage 1) / awarding organisation (stage 2)
  • Procedural error made by Franklin College (stage 1 / stage 2) (e.g. approved access arrangements were not provided during assessment that was used towards TAG evidence)
  • Unreasonable* exercise of academic judgment relating to selection of evidence or the determination of the teacher assessed grade (stage 2 only

*Unreasonable in this context means that no educational professional acting reasonably could have selected the same evidence or come up with the same grade. Independent reviewers will not 'remark' or 'regrade' student's evidence. Instead they will look to see whether any teacher acting reasonably could have arrived at the same grade. 


Please note the deadline for requesting a stage 1 centre review has now passed.


Appeal Deadlines


Priority Reviews / Appeals

16 August 2021 Deadline to request a Stage 1 - Centre Review
20 August 2021 Deadline to request a Stage 2 - Appeal to Awarding Organisation


Non- Priority Reviews / Appeals 

3 September 2021 Deadline to request a Stage 1 - Centre Review
8 September 2021 Deadline to request a Stage 2 - Appeal to Awarding Organisation (LIBF Finance Only)
15 September 2021 Deadline to request a Stage 2 - Appeal to Awarding Organisation

*All requests for reviews or appeals must be made by 12 noon on the above deadline days.


The above deadlines are Franklin College's deadlines and may differ from those provided in Ofqual/DfE guides. As per DfE guidance, centres reserve the right to set their own deadlines for submission of appeals


BTEC Children's Play, Learning and Development (CPLD) Post Result Services 

Where CPLD examinations took place this Summer, the following standard post result services are available. 

Post Result Service Fee Deadline
Clerical Check (service 1) £11.30 1 September 2021
Review of Marking (service 2) £40.40 1 September 2021
Access to Script No Charge 10 September 2021

If you would like more information on the available post results services or would like to submit a request please speak to a member of the Exam team or email

Please note that following a review of results, your grade may go up, down or remain the same. 



What should I do before appealing?

You must read the JCQ Student and Parent guide before submitting an appeal request. This will be available on the JCQ website from results day. 

Please be aware, it may not be possible to offer advice and guidance on the likely success of appeals this summer due to the change in process. Grades have already been moderated and subject to extensive quality assurance procedures. 


What should I do if i don't get in to my first choice University?

We understand that this will be a stressful time for many of our students, however the important thing is not to panic! 

We would advise you to speak to a member of the Exams, Careers or Wellbeing teams for some initial advice. You may wish to go through clearing or sit exams next year (either in Autumn 2021 or Summer 2022) to try to improve your grade. 

If you are going to appeal your grade, you must let your univeristy know that you are appealing. They will then let you know whether they will hold your place pending the outcome of an appeal. (Please note universities are not obliged to hold places, this is at their discretion.) 

If you have a university place dependant on the outcome of an appeal, you must make a priority request for a centre review / appeal to the awarding organisation. 


What is a priority review or appeal? 

A priority appeal is only for students applying to higher education who did not attain their firm choice (i.e. the offer accepted as your first choice) and wish to appeal either an A Level or other Level 3 qualification result. 

Where you have a university place dependent on the outcome of a review or appeal, you must inform the university that you have requested a centre review or appeal. 

You must provide your UCAS ID in review or appeal requests. This is required to confirm that a student place is dependent on the outcome of an appeal. 

Appeals that are not submitted by the priority deadlines may not be completed in time for those with a university place at risk. 


How do I request an appeal?

You must first complete an electronic Stage 1: Centre Review request form. The link to the form will be available here from results day. 

Upon completion of a stage 1 review, should you wish to proceed to a stage 2 appeal you will need to complete the Stage 2: Appeal to Awarding Organisation request form. The link to this form will be emailed to your Franklin account along with the outcome of your stage 1 review. 

If you want to proceed to a stage 2 appeal you should submit a request form as soon as possible after the stage 1 outcome is received. 

In both instances, submission of these forms will be taken as an electronic signature and consent for the review or appeal to proceed. 

If you wish to appeal against more than 1 subject/grade, you must fill in a seperate form for each subject 


What are the possible outcomes of appeal?

At either stage 1 or stage 2, your grade may go upstay the same or go down.

When submitting a request for a centre review or an appeal to the awarding organisation you will be required to declare that you understand and accept that your grade may be lowered, resulting in you getting a lower grade than the original TAG grade given. 

If an administrative or procedural error is found during a stage 1 centre review, Franklin College will submit a request to the awarding organisation to correct the error and amend the grade without the need to submit a stage 2 appeal. Until the grade hass been confirmed by the awarding organisation the reviewed grade remains provisonal.

The awarding organisation will determine the grade at a stage 2 appeal and the outcome will be final. 

Once a finding has been made, you cannot withdraw your request for a centre review or appeal. If a grade has been lowered it will not be possible to revert back to the original grade recieved on results day. 


How will I be notified of a review or appeal outcome?

Outcomes for both stage 1 and stage 2 reviews and appeals will be emailed to your Franklin College email account. Please make sure you check this regularly. 

You will be notified of a stage 1 outcome in sufficient time prior to the stage 2 appeal deadline.


Will I have the opportunity to take an exam? 

Ofqual have confirmed that A Levels and GCSE exams will be available in an Autumn series. 

if you would like to enter for Autumn exams please speak to a member of the Exams team or email


Exam Office Contact Details

You can contact the exams team by email at or by phone on 01472 875000.


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