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Franklin Professionals

Franklin Professionals

What is Franklin Professionals?

Our Franklin Professionals programme offers extensive support to help you achieve your career aims. You will be introduced to a wide range of employers and professionals to support your understanding, develop key employability skills that universities and employers are looking for and have a competitive edge over your peers. Join one of our exciting programmes in Career Ready, High Flyers, the Teaching Academy, Franklin Leadership Academy and the Talented Athlete Support Scheme.

Career Ready Programme

Career Ready Logo

What is it?

Franklin College are partners with Career Ready; a national programme designed to link education with business and industry. This exciting enrichment programme focuses on raising achievements, aspirations and employability skills; equipping our students with the skills, behaviours and attitudes to succeed in the workplace. We have four themed academies: Business & Logistics, Science & Engineering, Health & Social Care and Law

What's included?

  • A four to six week internship at a local organisation where the student will gain a vital understanding of the world of work.
  • An assigned mentor who will meet with the student every six to eight weeks, giving them support with understanding career options, networking and helping integrate the young person into the business community.
  • Masterclasses from guest speakers, allowing the student to broaden their knowledge of careers available within the sector and build up contacts.
  • Employability sessions to develop the skills including confidence building, public speaking, interviewing techniques and teamwork.
  • The offer of workplace visits to local and national organisations specific to their chosen academy.

High Flyers Programme

High Flyers Logo

What is it?

The programme is designed to stretch and challenge our most academically able students so that they are able to progress successfully to the most prestigious universities or higher apprenticeship provision. The wide range of opportunities open to our students is tailored to their individual needs and progression plans in order to nurture and shape ambitions.

What's included?

  • Students receive a bespoke programme of activities designed to develop their academic skills, critical thinking and independent thoughts
  • There at trips to prestigious universities and local art galleries, the chance for students to meet current undergraduates and tour the fantastic facilities at a range of universities and employers.

Teaching Academy

Teaching Academy Logo

What is it?

The Teaching Academy is a year-long programme working in partnership with Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU). As part of the programme, our students undertake 10 placements at a local school to help gain hands-on experience in a teaching environment. Completion of the programme guarantees them an interview at BGU, should the young person apply for a teaching route with the university. At the end of the programme the university holds a graduation ceremony to celebrate the achievements of young people.

What's included?

  • The opportunity to gain valuable experience in teaching and mentoring.
  • A number of different workshops designed to help the young people develop skills and techniques needed to become a teacher, including: safeguarding, communication, presentation styles and educational philosophy.

Franklin Leadership Academy

Franklin Leadership Academy Logo

What is it?

The Leadership Academy is a well-established programme in partnership with the local School Sports Partnership and Active Humber. It supports the delivery of sports events, both locally and regionally.

A range of events in schools and at college take place which allows our students the opportunity to deliver sporting activities from coaching to refereeing and planning, organisational and scoring duties. Taking part allows young people the opportunity to experience a variety of roles related to the organisation and leadership of sports, and a better understanding of a range of different sports.

Involvement in this programme will offer opportunities for leadership activities in primary and secondary school sports and in local and regional competitions and games events.

The programme is time for our students to spend time doing something that will benefit them and others too; working to enhancing employability skills and confidence as an individual.

What's included?

  • A range of events to be part of at throughout the year.
  • A variety of different opportunities to experience a different roles and responsibilities in the leadership of different sports in a range of environments and different levels, from grass roots to more elite regional events.
  • The experience of assisting in the delivery and management of events for local primary and secondary schools, plus regional school games events.

Aspiring Medics

Aspiring Medics Logo

What is it?

This programme is for our students who are looking to progress into a career of a Doctor, a Vet or a Dentist.

What's included?

  • Access to a variety of sessions which include talks from healthcare professionals and bespoke sessions covering medical ethics.
  • Guided research around the most appropriate university course and provider for them.
  • Students will embark on trips and visits to providers, and receive support with entrance exams and in making UCAS applications.

Hear from our Students and Mentors

Watch the videos below to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of ways you can be involved, some include;

  • The Career Ready Programme
  • Teaching Academy
  • High Flyers Programme
  • Talented Athlete Support Scheme
  • Franklin Leadership Academy

Normally we promote these in Freshers Fair but this may be different this year due to social distancing measures being in place. Instead please check college emails, attend tutorials and lessons as this will be promoted with details on how to find out more information and apply.  For more information please email and your questions will be answered.

  • Attend working lunches to find out informally in a small setting all about an organisation, their job, qualifications and skills needed to apply.
  • Have masterclasses with various employers and universities telling you about their organisation, career opportunities, general employability skills all designed to get you ready for the world of work.
  • Attend mock interviews with a business professional in the field you would like to work in, giving you honest feedback for when you do a real interview.
  • Have a mentor who is a business professional who will help you develop key skills, help you manage your work and college life, develop your confidence and communication skills and give you expert career advice.
  • Attend work experience or an internship so that you can see if the industry is what you expected/enjoy and help in deciding if it is the right career path for you.
  • Do a Teaching placement in a local school, have regular sessions with Bishop Grosseteste University and gain a guaranteed interview at their university on completion of the programme.
  • Have bespoke sessions to stretch and challenge you to progress on to the most prestigious universities or higher apprenticeships
  • Attend sessions to develop your critical thinking, academic skills and independent thought.
  • Work in partnership with the local School Sports Partnership, Active Humber and many local primary and secondary schools to support the delivery of sports events, locally and nationally.
  • Plus so much more...
  • Universities and employers want to see that you have not only completed your academic studies but also gained additional skills and experience. 
  • You will develop your employability skills that Universities and employers want including team working, communication, self-management, time management and problem-solving.
  • You will develop your networking skills and meet lots of new people who work for various different organisations.
  • Many students get jobs and work experience as a result of having a mentor, attending working lunch etc.
  • Have so much extracurricular information to include on your university and job applications.
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Franklin Professionals
Download a copy of our booklet for more information

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