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Careers and Employability Service

Careers and Employability Service

Where will you go from here?

All Franklin students have access to the College Careers Service. The College Careers Advisor is Zofia Ciopcinski who can be found in the Careers and Employability Hub, room 46. In addition to offering one to one careers appointments students can access the Careers and Employability Hub outside of their lesson time to utilise resources.

Our aim is:

  • To deliver impartial guidance to inform students of all available options
  • To inspire and raise the aspirations of the learners at Franklin College and in turn enable them to make well informed choices
  • To promote career exploration through a wide range of accessible resources: web sites, books, leaflets, posters, news articles, newsletters and Local Labour Market Information
  • To equally promote options for higher education, further education, apprenticeships or employment
  • To allow students to individually book face to face guidance interviews
  • To ensure an awareness of and the need for employability skills
  • To understand the needs of the local labour market

Franklin students will:

  • Be given the support to enhance their self-awareness, career management and employability skills
  • Be provided with and directed to resources to investigate and explore individual Progression Plans
  • Receive access to employers, colleges and training providers to help make well informed decisions about their progression
  • Receive guidance from College staff and invited professionals about a wide range of career pathways
  • Be provided with support to complete application procedures, develop CVs, write personal statements and prepare for interviews
  • Have the support to develop a well-informed, challenging but realistic Progression Plan which takes into consideration individual abilities, attributes, achievements and career goals

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be able to book an appointment through the college’s student system called FIS. You will also be able to make appointments in person, by emailing Zofia ( or by calling Zofia directly on 01475 854 000 ext. 797.

Yes, of course. We offer advice over email, telephone and virtual appointments (Skype or Microsoft Teams). You can send a question or request for a phone/virtual appointment by emailing

First, remember you’ve made important decisions before, like choosing your GCSE options. Are any of those motivations and reasons still important? Being clearer about your strengths, abilities, interests and motivations will help you decide the next stage. If you’re struggling to think what ‘job’ would suit you, think about contexts, situations or types of organisation you may want to work in.

You may have a ‘dream job’ and worry that it’s too ambitious or unachievable. Find information about people who do that job and see how they got there, you can look at these videos on  to inspire your career choices. It may give you ideas for what to do next, and be reassured that people’s careers evolve in various ways. Skills assessment questionnaires can also help you generate ideas, see connections between job types, and decide what to investigate further.

If you’d like to talk through your options and get advice on how to explore these, book an appointment with a careers advisor.

It’s not uncommon for students to have doubts about their choice of course. If you’re in this situation we can help support you make a decision.

Common reasons for wanting to change or leave a course include:

  • feeling unhappy with your choice of course
  • struggling to balance other priorities and commitments
  • changing your future career plans

You may find booking an appointment to talk to a careers advisor useful to help clarify your options and decide the best way forward. We can recommend resources which will help you research your options.

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The Virtual Tour

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