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Katie Barker


After doing my A-levels in French, German and Spanish at Franklin I’m now studying French and German at King’s College London. This year I’m taking part in the Erasmus exchange programme; I’m currently studying at Sorbonne IV in Paris and next semester I’ll go to the University of Vienna. Once I’ve finished my year abroad I’ll go back to King’s for my final year of undergraduate study, and after that I hope to do a Master’s degree in Translation studies, with the eventual aim of working as a professional translator.

My favourite memories of Franklin are just how friendly and caring the MFL department were, they were very invested in the students which was definitely a huge encouragement for me to work hard to get into a good university, and it also made lessons so much more enjoyable because I really wanted to be there. Also, the trips were great! Of course they were a lot of fun, but even more than that they really put what we were learning in the classroom into context. The Paris trip was such an exciting time of experiencing French culture and just getting to know a new city a little (for me, that trip proved way more helpful than I could have imagined at the time!). The German exchange was a great time of observing the school system in Germany, taking some fun day trips and making great friends that I’m still in touch with.

As I’ve already mentioned, Franklin helped me on my route to university just because my languages teachers were so encouraging; they really cared where I went next and that made me care more too. I think as well that the trips gave me a greater cultural awareness which was a definite advantage when it came to writing my personal statement and going to interview. Most importantly, my teachers picked up on what I was interested in and pushed it and helped me to take it further in any way they could.


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